Morocco Travel is an industry leader in organizing and arranging Morocco tour packages from USA. With many years of experience, we know almost what our clients want. Whether you are looking for a relaxing break in the sun or an adventurous journey of discovery and exoticism, we have the knowledge and the expertise to turn your dream into reality. All this with unbeatable prices and unparalleled value.

Before you travel to Morocco, you need to take into account many factors like the flight, staying duration, point of arrival and departure… Therefore, this article is made to give you ample information about the packages so as to pick the best one or to customize yours. In addition, it will clarify the difference between the packages and the main characteristic of arrival points. 

flights to Morocco from USA

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The flight to Morocco are direct and indirect. The direct flights are organized twice a week and link between John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Mohammed V in Casablanca. Indirect flights may use other destinations like Europe.

In case you opted for a direct flight, starting your Morocco tour from Casablanca is just perfect. However, if you traveled via Europe, there are four airports you can choose from based on the time you have and the places you want to see.

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Long Morocco tour packages

If you book Morocco tour packages from USA, we highly recommend booking packages of more than six days. In fact, in six days, you can see Morocco, but not all the best of it.  You will be in a rush and you will spend long hours in the car to reach far distant places.

An alternative choice to avoid this is to see only some parts of Morocco. Consequently, you will spend more time in some places and the long distances will be divided into short distances.

If you have time, we recommend ten days or more. Why? Morocco is a country rich in cultural monuments and exotic places. Therefore, you need to see these places, talk to native people, and discover the culture. Morocco tours of more than ten days are magical tours of comfort and style.

Medium Morocco tour packages

Medium Morocco tour packages are the tours for less than ten days. If you booked your flight directly to Casablanca International Airport, your tour will start at Casablanca. In this case, you will see the most important places in Morocco and you drive south. These are the most booked medium packages from USA.

The second option is based on your indirect flight. If your arrival is in Marrakech or Fez, the medium tour packages are more relaxing and comfortable. They don’t include the north of Morocco; often the places between Marrakech and Fez via Merzouga and Ouarzazate (Desert).

These places are the most attractive destinations in Morocco. What you should take into account is your departure point. 

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Short Morocco tours

Based on our experience, Americans only book short packages if they are squized by time . Therefore, if it’s your case, we highly recommend booking packages from Marrakech and Fez. They are the most exciting places and you can see the best of Morocco in a short time.

Customized tours

Finally, at Morocco Travel, we understand that every person is a unique individual with their own unique ideas and desires. To this end, we put a colossal amount of effort into designing luxurious Morocco tour packages from the USA.

Nonetheless, we also estimate the fact that our Morocco tour packages from USA might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

As a result, we also offer fully customizable private Morocco tours that put you, our valued client, in the driver’s seat. All this without extra fees. Just tell us exactly what you want to see in Morocco, how long you want to be here for, and what your budget is, and one of our professional tour representatives will work with you to create a Moroccan vacation you’ll never forget. 

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