With us, you don’t only travel in space, but also in time. In 10 days, we take you to the most exotic places in Morocco. You will see cities that have stepped back to watch the world change and locations that have stood the test of times and remained intact.
we take you to ride camels, to see monkeys, to watch snake charmers, and to camp in the desert.

Plan for your TravelHow to Travel to Morocco?

We know that travel planning can be both overwhelming and time-consuming; therefore, Morocco Travel will save your time. We present to you 3 tips that will save you more than 50% of hard work.

1) Determine how many days you want to spend in Morocco. 2) Select the places you wish to visit 3) Book a flight to the nearest location. Please use the map on the right as a visual aid and the guidelines below to help you refine your choices.

  • Long vacations: if you have more than 10 days in Morocco, then the best place to start your tour from is Casablanca. You will follow the itinerary on the map to chefchaouen, Fez, the Desert, and later Marrakesh. Please check 10 days tour for more details.
  • Short Vacations: for less than 7 days, you can start either from Marrakesh or Fez. These places are close to the desert; therefore, they are perfect for desert lovers. In addition, Fez also is perfect for those who wish to visit the north of Morocco.

Indeed, we are totally aware of the fact that each visitor is unique; therefore, we are open to any suggestion. If you have any specific choice or any enquiry, please contact us. We will do our best to help you.


GREAT PLACES TO VISITPopular Morocco Tours

EXCELLENT PLACES TO GOPopular Destinations

Explores the heart of Morocco
aladdin with tourists
laying on the coach in Fez
Playing in the Sahara desert
traditional carpets in Fez

The trip exceeded our expectations. We had a wonderful tour guide and driver. We had much fun and we would recommend this tour to anyone who wanted to see Morocco in depth. Thanks for all your work in putting this tour together.

Isabella & Olivia

I with my boyfriend took a week tour throughout Morocco. Our driver, Ali was so patient and kind with us. He was knowledgeable and we were so glad he was with us the entire time. Each location was just perfect. Each riad was beautiful and clean. Every detail was planned for us- it was the trip of a lifetime!


We were so lucky to have such a great tour guide! It felt as if we were travelling with family. The hotels (mainly Riads) were fantastic, and the Dunes Luxury Camp in the Sahara desert was a major “wow”. Morocco is much more beautiful and fascinating that expected, and the itinerary they prepared for us was superb.

Emily & Emma

I want to thank The Morocco Travel for the amazing service they provided for my friends and myself. They made sure we saw the heart of Morocco and they dont just do it for business but they love showing tourists the side of Morocco other agencies skip. They really treat you like family which made it so special.

Emilie Johnson


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Morocco Itinerary 7 Days from Casablanca

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