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With MOROCCO TRAVEL, you don't travel only in space, but also in time. We take you back in time to see the oldest cities in the world, to ride camels, and to camp in the desert. Our objective is to provide 5 stars service.

Morocco Travel Story

My name is Mimoun, a 34 years old Moroccan yound man. This project popped into my mind when I was enrolled in a master programm entitled “Cultural Studies.” During that period, I used to head over a traditional Riad in the old medina of Fes to meet students who come to Morocco to conduct their researches. The meetings were part of the modules I study and they were a great opportunity for me to widen my scope of knowledge. I have meet several students from different parts of the world and I enjoyed the meetings and the long discussions that we had about cultures, Anthropology, and gender .

Neverthless, I met Ali and Omar, two experienced drivers who are used to drop off students in the Riad where I met them. The relationship between us turned into a serious friendship. I liked both their kindness and the positive feedback of the students about them. Therefore, I proposed to them to establish a company that provides a high-quality service.

Our objective was first, to provide a FIVE STAR service that makes tourists enchanted about Morocco, and second, help our community.

During my meetings with Western and asian students, I concluded that they are hooked by Moroccan traditional artisanat and art. Therefore, we focused our travel ideas around these two concepts. We take our visitors to the most exotic places where they can live the experience. Along the way, they visit cooperatives, traditional artisans, and old places… etc. In case they bought something, artisans and cooperatives make some money to keep their art survives. Therefore, our project is not a profitable project persee, but has a social imprint.

Social projects have been always part and parcel of my life. I have been teaching english for many years for kids. Currently, I work as a counterpart with Peace Corps volunteers in an area near Midelt.  The aim of our volunteer work is to improve gender equality and reduce school dropouts in rural areas. Moreover, as the name of the NGO indicates, we try to spread peace and tolerance.

This spirit of social work is reflected in our company and made it one of the most trending companies in Morocco. when someone experience our service, they usually recommand us to their families and friends. As a result, we organize tours everyday.

morocco travel 1
morocco travel ali

Our Service

“Imagine your customer is your best friend — listen to their concerns, be a shoulder to lean on, and then shift the focus from what went wrong to how you can help make it right.” Rachel Hogue

“Treat the customer like you would want to be treated. Period!” -Brad Schweig

Morocco Travel offers private tours in Morocco. When someone BOOKS with us, we take him/her following the itinerary he/she opted for. Sometimes our clients want to customize their tours, we allow this and we are flexible. We meet our clients at the indicated place and we follow the program till the end.

With the connections that we have, we can get you to places others can’t. You’ll get access to the finest 5-star riads and hotels Morocco has to offer. We take pride in our creative and flexible scheduling that will allow you to soak in the beauty of Morocco without having to worry about the stress of communicating, finding things, or knowing the best places to go and the most jaw-dropping things to see.

  • The service we provide is a ” FIVE STAR” service. We have two packages: Standard Package, and luxury package. We provide comfortable accommodation, transport, and food (lunches are not included)in all packages.
  • Our cars are the type of TOYOTA PRADO TX for groups of 4 people or less.  However, we use Ford or MERCEDES minivans for groups composed of more than 4 individuals. All cars are aged less than 8 years, air-conditioned, and comfortable. Drivers speak many languages, especially English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Therefore, expect a welcoming visit and a smile at the airport.
  • Drivers have many years of experience.  Therefore, they know many things about Western cultures and they will uncover a lot of things about Moroccan culture. Your trip with the drivers won’t be a silent trip, but a rich journey of discovery. Our driver will stop in spot places to let you take pictures and give you more information about the places. In addition, The car is at your service, so you can stop any time, or everywhere.
  • Riads or Hotel we choose for you are the best Riads. Based on your budgets, we book the best possible option. We seek to make you special and make your experience in Morocco unique and unforgettable.
  • In the big cities, we assign a professional guide to help you understand the culture and the life of people there. Guides may speak your native language unless the language is scarce in Morocco, then we choose a guide based on your preferences. (Please check before you book)

Indeed, what we hope is that you will have a wonderful experience and a magic travel. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask ( ASK HERE ), We will be pleased to answer your questions and to discuss.

We share love, we share solidarity.


``Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” -Helen Keller
morocco travel driver
Ali Ouddy
Ali is not only the guide and the driver of Morocco Travel, but also a valuable friend. His advices and suggestions took our service to the next level. He has been in the field since 2003 and his experience served our company. In addition, Ali is funny and loving and your journey with him will be unforgettable. So just step back and let Ali take you in a wonderful adventure.
morocco travel manager
Mimoun Aghraraou
Mimoun is the founder and the manager of the agency. He graduated in Cultural Studies and immersed in the field of anthropology and intercultural phenomena. Currently, he teaches English and cooperates with Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco. He is a volunteer in many social projects, especially those that seek to improve gender equality and reduce school dropouts in rural areas.
morocco travel expert
Emma King
Emma King is an American girl living in Morocco. Coming from America, She adds extra sparkle and offers a different perspective to our team. Emma loves Morocco and her pieces, on our blog, display Moroccan culture through American perspective. With her contributions, our blog is able to offer multiple authentic voices as you plan your trip
Morocco Travel camp host
Haddou Amzian
Haddou Amzian is a well-respected man. He hosts our visitors in his camps in Merzouga. We have been working with him for a long time and we have been receiving always positive feedback about his excellent services. We are glad that this gentleman is a member in our team.
Morocco travel driver 4
Oumar Oubana
Omar is one of the first members of our team. A close friend and a devoted driver. Omar graduated in Amazigh studies, but his birth in Merzouga made him mastering three languages; English, Spanish, and Japanese. Since we have established this company, Omar is always receiving 5 stars.
morocco travel guide marrakech
Abla Azour
Abla is our professional guide in Marrakech. She graduated in English and she has been in the field for several years. Abla speaks fluently three languages; English, Spanish, and French. Moreover, she is nice and friendly. She is nicknamed Cinderella in our team due to her permanent smile.

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