Unveiling Morocco: A Journey Beyond

In the heart of the ancient medina of Fes, amidst the labyrinthine alleyways and bustling market stalls, a tale of cultural exploration and transformation was being woven. At the heart of this narrative stood Morocco Travel, a company founded by a passionate soul named Mimoun.

Mimoun’s curiosity was ignited when he discovered that students from around the world were flocking to Morocco to study its rich culture, anthropology, and art. Eager to create a bridge between these seekers of knowledge and the enchanting essence of Morocco, Mimoun began arranging meetings with these young scholars. These rendezvous weren’t just intellectual exchanges; they were the first sparks that would eventually light up the path for Morocco Travel.

Through discussions in cozy riads within the old medina, a deep connection was established between Mimoun and the students. As they shared stories of their research and their fascination with Morocco’s intricate tapestry of traditions, history, and way of life, Mimoun recognized an opportunity to bring this profound experience to a broader audience.

Enter Ali and Omar, two seasoned drivers who had spent years navigating the Moroccan landscape and understanding its every nook and cranny. They had previously ferried students to the very riads where Mimoun met them. Their invaluable expertise and knowledge of the roads, hidden gems, and local communities were the missing pieces in Mimoun’s vision.

The ethos of Morocco Travel was born – to provide immersive tours that delved into the heart and soul of Morocco, going beyond the superficial tourist attractions. Their journeys would be more than just sightseeing; they would be transformative experiences that would change travelers’ perceptions of the country. The company’s philosophy was rooted in three pillars:

  • Cultural and Historical Immersion: Travelers would journey through time as they explored ancient cities, majestic palaces, and the storied lanes of the medinas. Guided by experienced and licensed guides, they would understand the stories behind the architectural wonders and the significance of each place.
  • Culinary Adventures: Authentic Moroccan cuisine would be a central theme of every tour. Travelers would not just taste the flavors; they would be invited to participate in traditional cooking classes, discovering the artistry that goes into every dish.
  • Sustainable Social Impact: Morocco Travel would be a conduit for positive change. Travelers would be taken to cooperatives and artisan workshops, supporting local traditional craftsmanship. This engagement would uplift communities and ensure the preservation of age-old techniques.

But the core of Morocco Travel’s mission was to redefine perceptions. They wanted to counter the stereotypes and misinformation that often clouded Morocco’s image. Through their tours, travelers would have the chance to engage with real Moroccans away from tourist traps. They would witness the genuine generosity and kindness that the people exuded, forming connections that transcended cultural boundaries.

The journey with Morocco Travel was about more than just travel. It was about gaining insights, building bridges, and fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of Morocco. It was about experiencing a transformation that would linger long after the journey’s end, as travelers returned home as ambassadors of Morocco’s true essence.

In a world where travel had become a transaction, Morocco Travel offered a narrative of genuine connection and discovery. It was a journey beyond the ordinary, and every traveler who embarked upon it became a part of the enchanting story that Mimoun, Ali, and Omar had beautifully crafted – a story that would echo through time, inviting more souls to unveil the secrets of Morocco’s soulful landscapes.

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Our Services

At Morocco Travel, we take pride in crafting immersive journeys that go beyond the standard travel experience. Our all-inclusive packages are meticulously designed to offer you a seamless and enriching exploration of Morocco’s vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. With every detail taken care of, you can fully immerse yourself in the journey of a lifetime.

  • Customized Tours: We believe that every traveler is unique, and so are their interests and preferences. Our customized tours are tailored to your desires, ensuring that your journey is as individual as you are. Whether you’re captivated by the bustling medinas, mesmerized by the Sahara’s golden dunes, or enchanted by the coastal towns, our experts curate an itinerary that matches your passions.
  • Hotel Reservations: Your comfort is our priority. We’ve handpicked a selection of accommodations that range from luxurious riads to charming boutique hotels, each offering a blend of modern amenities and local ambiance. Rest assured, every accommodation is chosen with care to provide you with a relaxing haven after each day of exploration.
  • Guides: Our knowledgeable guides are your cultural companions, revealing the stories behind every landmark, the secrets of ancient traditions, and the nuances of local customs. Their expertise adds depth to your journey, ensuring you don’t just see Morocco – you truly understand it.
  • Drivers and Vehicles: Our dedicated team of experienced drivers is at your service, ready to guide you through the enchanting roads of Morocco. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles at your disposal, you can embark on your journey with confidence and comfort. Our drivers not only navigate the routes but also act as cultural ambassadors, offering insights and recommendations to enhance your travel experience. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our diverse team of drivers ensures that your journey is as memorable as the destinations you’ll discover.
  • All-Inclusive Convenience: We understand that your focus should be on the experience, not logistics. That’s why our all-inclusive packages cover every detail, from airport transfers to daily transportation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the journey without worrying about the details.

At Morocco Travel, we are not just tour organizers; we are storytellers, curators of experiences, and bridge builders between cultures. Our all-inclusive packages reflect our commitment to providing you with a transformative journey that leaves you with a deeper connection to Morocco’s beauty and authenticity. Let us handle the planning while you embrace the adventure, forging memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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why you should consider traveling with Morocco Travel?

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Embarking on a journey with Morocco Travel isn’t just about traveling – it’s about experiencing a transformational exploration that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Here’s why you should consider traveling with us:

  • Tailored Experiences: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all travel. Our customized tours are designed around your interests, ensuring that every step of your journey resonates with your passions.
  • Local Expertise: Our guides are not just guides; they are storytellers, cultural enthusiasts, and historians. They bring Morocco to life, sharing the stories behind every landmark, allowing you to see beyond the surface.
  • Personalized Attention: From the moment you arrive, our team is dedicated to making your journey seamless and enjoyable. We take care of the details, so you can focus on enjoying the magic of Morocco.
  • Diverse Accommodations: Experience the charm of Morocco’s accommodations, from luxurious riads to boutique hotels. We handpick each stay to provide you with comfort and a genuine taste of local hospitality.
  • Tailored Instalments: We understand that planning a journey requires flexibility. With our customizable payment plans, you can spread your payments over installments, ensuring your financial ease throughout the planning process.
  • Immersive Cultural Engagement: Our tours go beyond sightseeing – they offer hands-on experiences that allow you to connect with local communities, artisans, and traditions. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of Morocco’s culture.
  • Experienced Drivers: Our team of experienced drivers ensures your safety and comfort throughout your journey. They navigate the roads with expertise, making the journey as enchanting as the destinations.
  • New Fleet of Cars and Vehicles: Your journey’s comfort and safety are our priority. Our modern fleet of new cars and vehicles ensures a smooth ride as you traverse Morocco’s diverse landscapes. Each vehicle is equipped to enhance your travel experience.
  • Real Connections: Our journeys are designed to foster connections – not only with the places you visit but also with the people you meet. Engage with locals, artisans, and communities, and create memories that resonate long after you return.
  • Transparent Pricing: What you see is what you get. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that there are no hidden costs. Your investment covers accommodations, guided tours, transportation, and immersive experiences. You will pay only the amount you told on the email, nothing else.
  • Social Impact: By traveling with us, you contribute positively to local communities. Our visits to cooperatives and artisan workshops support traditional craftsmanship and foster sustainable growth.
  • Lasting Memories: Our journeys aren’t just trips; they’re experiences that stay with you long after you’ve returned home. You’ll leave Morocco not just with photographs, but with stories, insights, and newfound connections.

At Morocco Travel, we are more than a tour company – we’re a bridge between cultures, a gateway to transformative experiences, and a storyteller of Morocco’s rich tapestry. If you’re ready to go beyond the ordinary, immerse yourself in culture, and see Morocco through a new lens, join us on a journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the country itself.

Morocco Travel Team

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” -Helen Keller

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Mimoun Aghraraou

Mimoun is the founder and the manager of the brand. He graduated in Cultural Studies and immersed in the field of anthropology and intercultural phenomena. Currently, he teaches English and cooperates with Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco. He is a volunteer in many social projects, especially those that seek to improve gender equality and reduce school dropouts in rural areas.

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Ali Ouddy

Ali is not only the guide and the driver of Morocco Travel, but also a valuable friend. His advices and suggestions took our service to the next level. He has been in the field since 2003 and his experience served our company. In addition, Ali is funny and loving and your journey with him will be unforgettable. So just step back and let Ali take you in a wonderful adventure.

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Emma King

Emma was an American friend who took care of our blog and our website in its early days. Unfortunately, she left Morocco during the Corona Virus when the USA decided to bring back all the citizens as a measurement of protection. Still, he left Morocco Travel but we wish her good luck in her new adventure.

Morocco Travel camp host

Haddou Amzian

Haddou Amzian is a well-respected man. He hosts our visitors in his camps in Merzouga. We have been working with him for a long time and we have been receiving always positive feedback about his excellent services. We are glad that this gentleman is a member in our team.

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Oumar Oubana

Omar is one of the first members of our team. A close friend and a devoted driver. Omar graduated in Amazigh studies, but his birth in Merzouga made him mastering three languages; English, Spanish, and Japanese. Since we have established this company, Omar is always receiving 5 stars.

morocco travel guide marrakech

Abla Azour

Abla is our professional guide in Marrakech. She graduated in English and she has been in the field for several years. Abla speaks fluently three languages; English, Spanish, and French. Moreover, she is nice and friendly. She is nicknamed Cinderella in our team due to her permanent smile.

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