Embark on an unforgettable 10-day tour from Fes, where every moment is crafted to weave together the rich tapestry of Morocco’s diverse landscapes and vibrant culture—tailored just for you. From the imperial city of Fes to the enchanting dunes of the desert, the cinematic Ouarzazate, the awe-inspiring Todra Gorges, the bustling Marrakech, and the coastal charm of Essaouira, this itinerary promises a symphony of experiences that can be customized to perfectly suit your preferences.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of Fes as you step into its ancient medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where history whispers through narrow alleys. Venture into the mesmerizing Sahara Desert, where golden dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, offering an otherworldly experience beneath a star-studded sky.

Discover the cinematic landscapes of Ouarzazate, known as the “Gateway to the Sahara,” and be transported to the realm of movie magic as you explore the Atlas Film Studios. Traverse the dramatic Todra Gorges, where towering cliffs embrace a winding river, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle.

The journey then leads you to the vibrant city of Marrakech, where the bustling souks, vibrant street performers, and the iconic Jardin Majorelle await. Finally, unwind in the coastal haven of Essaouira, where the Atlantic breeze carries the charm of a laid-back seaside town.

This itinerary is not just a roadmap; it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with your preferences. Whether you seek cultural immersion, adventure, or relaxation, our 10-day tour from Fes is designed to be tailored to your desires. Let the magic of Morocco unfold as you embark on a personalized adventure through its most iconic destinations.

  • Begin your journey in Fes, exploring the historic medina and the Bou Inania Madrasa.
  • Dive into Fes’ rich culture with visits to the Royal Palace, tanneries, and the Mellah.
  • Travel to Merzouga, ride camels into the Sahara Desert, and witness a mesmerizing sunset.
  • Experience the Sahara Desert with a 4×4 excursion, visiting nomadic villages along the way.
  • Drive through Todra Gorge, marvel at its towering cliffs, and continue to the Dades Valley.
  • Explore Ouarzazate’s film studios and the UNESCO-listed Ait Ben Haddou kasbah.
  • Cross the High Atlas Mountains via Tizi n’Tichka Pass on your way to Marrakech.
  • Discover Marrakech’s landmarks, including Koutoubia Mosque and Jardin Majorelle.
  • Enjoy a day trip to Essaouira, known for its charming medina and coastal vibes.
  • Conclude your tour with free time in Marrakech for souk shopping before departure.

Day 1: Arrival in Fes

Leather dying in a traditional tannery in the city Fes, Morocco. View of old medina in Fes

Your journey begins with your arrival in Fes. Upon landing, our friendly driver will transfer you to your comfortable hotel where you can unwind and prepare for the adventures that await.

If you arrive early, take the opportunity to explore the charming city of Fes with an introductory tour, immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere.

Day 2: Exploring Fes with a Local Guide

Your 10 days tour from Fes starts in Fes, a city steeped in history and culture. Begin your day at the Fes Ceramic/Poterie factory, where skilled artisans create intricate ceramic pieces using traditional techniques passed down through generations. This tour offers a deeper appreciation of Morocco’s rich artistic heritage.

Explore the labyrinthine streets of Fes el-Bali, the UNESCO-listed Old Medina, where bustling markets, ancient mosques, and traditional riads transport you back in time. Visit the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University, founded in the 9th century, known for its architectural beauty and intricate details.

Discover the Bou Inania Madrasa, famous for its stunning Islamic school adorned with exquisite tilework, carved stucco, and a peaceful courtyard. The Attarine Madrasa is another masterpiece showcasing intricate designs and beautiful woodwork.

Pass through the monumental Bab Bou Jeloud and enter the bustling streets of Fes el-Bali. Explore the Dar Batha Museum, which houses a fascinating collection of Moroccan arts and crafts, providing insights into the region’s traditional craftsmanship.

To learn about Fes’s Jewish heritage, visit the Mellah, the Jewish Quarter, exploring its narrow streets, the Jewish cemetery, and the beautifully restored Ibn Danan Synagogue.

Delve into Moroccan woodworking at the Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts, located in a restored caravanserai, showcasing furniture, tools, and artifacts that highlight this traditional craft.

Conclude your day with a visit to the Merenid Tombs, perched on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of Fes and its picturesque surroundings. After the tour, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy as you wish.

Day 3: Fes to Merzouga via Ifrane, Azrou, and Ziz Valley

Merzouga / Morocco - March 26th, 2018: A touristic caravan of camels at the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara at sunset

Your journey continues as you leave Fes in the morning for the charming town of Ifrane, often referred to as “Little Switzerland” due to its European-style architecture and pristine streets. Don’t miss visiting Al Akhawayn University, adding a unique touch to Ifrane’s ambiance.

Next, explore the Cedar Forest of Azrou, nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains, where ancient cedar trees create a magical atmosphere. Keep an eye out for Barbary macaque monkeys as you stroll through this serene natural haven.

Cross the Tizi n’Talghoumt Pass, a scenic mountain pass with breathtaking vistas of valleys, gorges, and rugged mountains. Enjoy a photo opportunity to capture the awe-inspiring panoramas.

Continue through the picturesque Ziz Valley, showcasing oasis-like landscapes, palm groves, and traditional Berber villages. This setting allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the serenity of the surroundings.

In Erfoud, explore the Erfoud Fossil Museum, offering insight into the region’s rich fossil heritage, including ammonites, trilobites, and ancient marine life.

Arrive in Merzouga, where an unforgettable adventure awaits. Embark on a camel trek into the mesmerizing sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi, guided by a knowledgeable local. As the sun sets over the dunes, you’ll reach a traditional desert camp nestled in the heart of the Sahara. Experience the magic of the desert, from traditional mint tea to a delicious Moroccan dinner and local musicians playing traditional music around a campfire. The pristine desert provides a perfect backdrop for stargazing, serenaded by local musicians with Amazigh music.

Day 4: Exploring the Desert and Amazigh Life

Start your day with an unforgettable sunrise activity as you witness the Sahara Desert’s magical transformation, painting the dunes in hues of gold and pink. Enjoy a traditional breakfast in the desert, savoring aromatic mint tea, freshly baked bread, honey, olives, and Moroccan delicacies.

Embark on a camel trek back to Merzouga, reflecting on the desert’s serenity and the sense of connection it brings. Visit Khamlia Village, known for its lively music scene, engage with local Gnaoua musicians, and perhaps participate in a traditional dance.

For an adrenaline rush, try sandboarding down the dunes, combining excitement with stunning desert scenery. Discover the nomadic lifestyle of local Berber communities and their time-honored traditions, and share in their hospitality.

Savor the unique flavors of Berber cuisine with a meal called “medfouna,” consisting of layers of dough filled with a delectable mixture of meat, vegetables, and aromatic spices. Before leaving Merzouga, visit Lake Dayet Srji, a pristine desert lake nestled amidst the dunes.

Your time in Merzouga offers a multifaceted exploration of the Sahara Desert, from the mesmerizing sunrise to cultural encounters, culinary delights, and outdoor adventures. Each experience adds a unique layer to your Sahara adventure, creating lasting memories.

Day 5: Merzouga to Boumaln Dades

Your journey continues as you leave Merzouga and head to the historic town of Rissani, known for its lively market, traditional souks, and historical sites. Explore the bustling market and visit the Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif, a testament to Morocco’s royal history.

Pass through the picturesque Valley of Roses, famous for its abundant rose gardens that come alive during the rose harvest season. Skoura Oasis, renowned for its lush palm groves and traditional mud-brick kasbahs, offers a serene stop to connect with Morocco’s timeless charm.

Reach the impressive Todgha Gorge, featuring towering cliffs and a meandering river, providing a chance for a leisurely walk along the scenic canyon. In Tinerhir, explore the local market, visit the old Kasbah, and enjoy captivating views of the surrounding landscapes.

Enter the Dades Valley, often referred to as the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs, treating you to stunning rock formations, verdant oases, and traditional fortified kasbahs that punctuate the landscape.

Experience the awe-inspiring Dades Gorges, with sheer cliffs, winding roads, and panoramic views. Your journey concludes in Boumaln Dades, a charming town nestled at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains. Enjoy a leisurely walk, savor local cuisine, or unwind at your hotel amidst the serene surroundings.

Day 6: Boumaln Dades to Marrakech

Your journey with Morocco Travel continues as you leave Boumaln Dades after a hearty breakfast. The day promises diverse landscapes, cultural treasures, and cinematic wonders, providing a tapestry of experiences.

First, stop in Ouarzazate to explore the Taourirt Kasbah and the old town of Errissani. Head to the Cinema Studio of Ouarzazate, often referred to as “The Hollywood of Morocco” due to its prominent role in international film productions. This captivating visit will transport you into the world of cinema, allowing you to witness various film sets that have graced the silver screen, adding a unique layer to your 10-day tour from Fes.

Continue your expedition as you head towards the ancient fortified ksar of Aït Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a stellar example of Moroccan architecture. Exploring Aït Ben Haddou is akin to stepping back in time, where the rich history of Morocco comes alive, adding another remarkable chapter to your 10-day tour from Fes.

As you ascend into the High Atlas Mountains, the Tizi n’Tichka Pass unfolds before you, treating you to breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and majestic peaks. It’s a scenic delight, perfect for pausing to capture the essence of Morocco’s natural beauty, an essential part of your 10-day tour from Fes.

Finally, your journey culminates in Marrakech, where you will enjoy a lively night. The hotel, Riad Merzouga or a similar accommodation, is located in the center, giving you easy access to Jamaa El Fna square. This marks the beginning of your exploration of Marrakech, a key highlight of your 10-day tour from Fes.

Day 7: Exploring Marrakech

Prepare to embark on a journey through the enchanting city of Marrakech, Morocco, where history, culture, and beauty intertwine to create a tapestry of experiences that will leave you awestruck. With your dedicated local guide, you’ll uncover the secrets of this vibrant metropolis, beginning at the beating heart of the city, Jemaa el-Fnaa. This UNESCO World Heritage site springs to life during the day as you explore the bustling souks and artisan stalls, and it transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle at night, with musicians, storytellers, and enticing food vendors inviting you to partake in the city’s vivacious spirit.

Venture deeper into the city’s soul, and you’ll find the Bahia Palace, an architectural masterpiece from the 19th century. Its intricately decorated rooms, courtyards, and gardens offer a glimpse into the opulence of Moroccan royalty. Your journey through history continues with the Saadian Tombs, a mesmerizing collection of mausoleums and ornate decorations dating back to the 16th century.

Marvel at the iconic Koutoubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakech, with its stunning minaret soaring over the city’s skyline. While non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque, its impressive architecture can be admired from the outside, an integral part of your 10-day tour from Fes.

One of the highlights of your visit is sure to be the Majorelle Garden, once owned by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. Here, you’ll find an oasis of exotic plants, vibrant blue structures, and a museum dedicated to Berber culture. Don’t forget to secure your ticket a day in advance to ensure a hassle-free visit, adding another layer of cultural exploration to your 10-day tour from Fes.

As you explore further, you’ll discover the remnants of grandeur at El Badi Palace, delve into the history of Islamic scholarship at the Ben Youssef Madrasa, and get lost in the labyrinthine souks where spices, textiles, ceramics, lamps, and other traditional handicrafts await. To enrich your cultural experience, a visit to the historic Jewish Quarter, Mellah, with its rich heritage and synagogues, is a must, ensuring that every aspect of your 10-day tour from Fes is a unique and immersive experience.

Marrakech is a city that effortlessly weaves together history, culture, and architecture, creating a colorful tapestry of Moroccan life. As you journey through these captivating places, you’ll find yourself immersed in the essence of Marrakech, where each step leads to a new discovery and a deeper appreciation of this remarkable city, a highlight of your 10-day tour from Fes.

Day 8: Marrakech to Essaouira

After a delicious breakfast, you depart from Marrakech and head to Essaouira, a charming coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean. The drive takes approximately 2.5 hours, passing through beautiful scenery, including the picturesque village of Chichaoua and the argan tree forest. Along the way, visitors can stop to admire the views, take photos, and stretch their legs, all part of your 10-day tour from Fes.

Once in Essaouira, head straight to the beach to enjoy the fresh sea air and explore the bustling port. The beach is a popular spot for water sports, and visitors can try their hand at windsurfing, kiteboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding. Alternatively, they can simply relax on the golden sands and take in the stunning ocean views, adding coastal charm to your 10-day tour from Fes.

After exploring the beach, head to the historic Medina of Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can wander through the labyrinthine streets and alleys, admiring the stunning architecture and browsing the local shops and markets. The Medina is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with street performers, musicians, and artists adding to the lively ambiance, another delightful aspect of your 10-day tour from Fes.

Next, take a break for lunch at one of the local restaurants, which serve up delicious fresh seafood dishes. Essaouira is renowned for its seafood, and visitors can enjoy everything from grilled fish to traditional tagines and salads. Many restaurants offer outdoor seating with stunning views of the ocean and the bustling port, providing a culinary experience that’s part of your 10-day tour from Fes.

After lunch, head to the Essaouira port to see the colorful fishing boats and the bustling fish market. Visitors can watch the fishermen bring in their catch and see the local fishmongers selling fresh seafood. The port is also home to a historic fortification and a lighthouse, both of which offer great views of the town and the ocean, adding a coastal touch to your 10-day tour from Fes.

Day 9: Essaouira to Marrakech

After breakfast, you leave Essaouira and drive back to Marrakech, arriving in the late morning. You can enjoy Marrakech in your own way, from shopping for souvenirs to experiencing a Moroccan Hammam, enjoying a spa day, taking a cooking class, or any other activity that suits your preferences. This free day allows you to make the most of your time in Marrakech and add personal touches

Day 10: End of 10 Days Tour from Fes

Your 10-day tour from Fes has come to a close. While it’s always bittersweet to say goodbye, we hope that you leave Morocco with a treasure trove of memories and stories to tell from your 10-day tour from Fes.

The driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Marrakech according to your flight details and take you to the airport, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free departure.

As you board your flight and head back home, you can reflect on the incredible journey you’ve experienced over the past 10 days, from the historical wonders of Fes to the mesmerizing Sahara Desert, the bustling streets of Marrakech, and the coastal charm of Essaouira.

We hope that the memories and experiences from your 10-day tour from Fes stay with you long after you’ve left Morocco. Should you ever decide to embark on another adventure, Morocco will be here to welcome you once again.

Safe travels, and until we meet again on another extraordinary journey!

Note: Throughout your 10-day tour from Fes, we’ve aimed to ensure that every day is filled with unique experiences, cultural exploration, and opportunities to savor the best of Morocco. The itinerary has been designed to showcase the diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of this enchanting country.

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • English speaking driver
  • Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
  • Local guides in Fes and Marrakech
  • Fuel, parking, and all car’s related fees
  • Camel Trekking
  • Luxury desert camp
  • 4 dinners in the desert
  • Breakfasts
  • Flight tickets & visa
  • Entrance tickets to
  • monuments and museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver

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