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As it combines the best of culture and coastal bliss, this 15 days Tour from Casablanca garanties that you won’t skip on any attraction in Morocco. The tour includes the beautifull Moroccan cities like Marakech, Fes, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, and Rabat, but also villages, Mountains, Canyons and Landmarks.

In this tour, you will travel with a well-managed time to discover the country in depth. You will reach places you can’t reach by yourself and you will witness the contradictions of Morocco. Indeed Morocco is a land of contradictions where modernity and traditionalism live together.

In 15 days, you will be amazed to see cities that stepped back in time and remained primitive; you will see modern places like in Europe and the USA just near some of the exotic ones; you will see untutored people speaking 5 languages, you will see snake charmers playing with poisonous snakes… Indeed, Morocco is all this and more.

15 days tour from Casablanca can be customized to fit your need. For example, it can start in Marrakech and ends anywhere in Morocco. Please keep reading to understand how we design and organize tours, and if you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

How 15 days tour from Casablanca is designed?


When we design a tour, we take into account many criteria like the destinations, time, and comfort.

Based on our experience, we know that our travelers like to see the popular destinations as well as the non-touristy areas to get in touch with the “what” of Morocco. Therefore, we like to mix the destinations and include some authentic places that are less visited by the tourists.

In addition, we make sure that the tour includes all the major destinations. For example, if you traveled to Morocco, everybody will ask you if you have visited Marrakech. No one can travel to Morocco and skip Marrakech, unless they have visited it before.

The next criterion is time. When we design a tour, we make sure that you won’t spend your vacation in the car! We try to make a balance between the time spent on the car and the time spent in discovering the destinations. we don’t jump from one place to another but we give enough time to discover, see, and experience each place. Moreover, we make sure that you make the most of your time and we move in the form of a circle to avoid crossing long distance and passing by the same destinations twice. (Please check the map)

Finally, the comfort. We try to make the tour comfortable as best as we can. within every 2 hours at max, you will stop for meant tea or a visit. The travel then becomes exciting and fruitful.

Best destination included in 15 days tour packages

15 days tour to Morocco includes all the attractions in Morocco, nothing is left. Here in this list, we provide some of the best attractions and what is unique about them. 

Chefchaouen, the pearl city of Morocco


Chefchaouen is one of the best places to visit in Morocco. It is a really a lovely town with appropriately blue walls and magnificent mountains overlooking the distinctive town. A town as rich in history as it is beautiful.

One of the best things to do in Morocco is to visit this beautiful town. It is a small mountain town in northeastern of Morocco with a wonderful setting. Located at the foot of riff mountains and full of charm and authenticity, the city offers you the best experience you can imagine. Its old Medina incarnates the Moroccan and Andalusian influence with red tile roofs and bright blue buildings. Wherever you turn your camera, it turns to a beautiful portrait.

Fez, the maze medina of Morocco

10 days tour from casablanca fes d

In this 15 days tour from Casablanca, we devoted two days to Fez. It is an old city rich in terms of history and culture. The city is divided into two parts: the modern media and the old media. The old medina is believed to be the largest intact surviving medina in the world. The experience you will have in Fez, for sure, will last forever.

With the Morocco Travel guide, you will visit a lot of places in Fez. You will visit Bab Boujloud, which is a big old gate of the medina. You will also see the minaret of the Medersa Bou Inania, which sits just after the Bab Boujloud gate.

Finally, you will stroll over to medina to see Al Quaraouiyine University, which is believed to be the first university in the world. After lunch, you will visit a lot of other interesting places.

Essaouira, The windy city of Morocco


Essaouira is among the best cities to visit in Morocco. It is a nice seaside fishing town in the touristy area of Marrakech. Essaouira entices a lot of tourists every year, including the production staff of Game of Thrones who used the magnificent city as a backdrop in some episodes of the series.

It is a small town with a lot of history. You can see the big influences of different civilizations on the culture of its people and its architecture. It was occupied by Romans, Phoenicians, and Portuguese. Therefore, each part of it tells the story of three civilizations.

If your tour to Essaouira comes in the second week of June, you will attend the Gnawa festival where groups from all over the world come to Morocco to perform. Essaouira is also called « the City of the wind” due to the influences of many cultures.

To sum up, Essaouira incarnates the culture of different civilizations.

Marrakech, the charming city of Morocco

10 days tour from Casablanca-Marrakech

As they say, Save The Best For Last! Marrakech is an enslaving city that sums up all of Morocco’s exotic North African charm. The city’s name provided the root for the name of the country itself. It is the top attraction in Morocco and with our local guide, you will discover its fascinating history through the notorious Koutoubia, the Majorelle Garden, Bahia Palace, and the Saadian Tombs.

Koutoubia minaret was built in 1162 and represents one of the greatest achievements of Moroccan architecture. Besides, another outstanding monument is the Majorelle Garden. It materializes the creativity and the ingenuity of the French painter Jacques Majorelle.  The garden is full of cacti, palms and ferns.

In addition, you will visit the Saadian Tombs that manifest the landmark of Saadian dynasty and Bahia Palace with its beautiful eastern Architecture that goes back to 1866.

The desert adventure: camps and camel trekking


The experience of desert camping will have a major impact on the whole travel experience. In fact, you will see how nomads have used to live in the desert and that is considered to be one of the most authentic experiences you will live in Morocco.

by the evening, you will witness magical moments as you see the sky changing its colors. After dinner, the Berbers will start their performance and the sound of music will take over the place. You will sing and dance with them and you share some of the funny and entertaining moments. The big fireplace will keep you company until it’s time to go to sleep.

finally, seize every moment and enjoy without worries this authentic, magical night under the stellar sky of the desert.

Hollywood of Africa, cinema studio of Ouarzazate


You can’t spend 15 days in Morocco without seeing Oscar Cinema Studios of Ouarzazate. Indeed, it is one of the best attractions that you must see in Morocco.

The studio was created in 1983 and has been since then a favorite destination for worldwide producers and filmmakers. What adds this worldwide sparkle to the Studio is a UNESCO world heritage village named Kasbah Ait Benhaddou.

Ksar of Ait Benhaddou

10 days morocco itinerary from casablanca

Kasbah Ait Benhaddou is among the best places to visit in Morocco. It has been used for decades as an outstanding place for various Biblical epics as well as a backdrop for commercial and modeling photo shoots. Some of the best-known Hollywood movies shoot there include Games of Thrones, Gladiator, Babel, and Lawrence of Arabia.

Alternative tours of 15 days tours from Casablanca

There are many alternatives of 15 days tour from Casablanca. In fact, some of our travelers ask for 16 days and others for 17 and 18 days. Indeed, we organize private and customized tours so we can organize any type of tour our clients ask. 

For example, If you have more time, you can add some extra days to the 15 days tour and visit some other locations like Ourika Valley, or Ouzzoud Waterfalls. However, if you have less time you can book some of our tours like 14 days, 12 days, or 10 days. 

14 Days Morocco Tour

14 days Morocco tour is similar to 15 days except for two locations, Dades Valley and Taroudant. In 14 days, you do this itinerary in one day. However, in 15 days tour, this itinerary is split into two. So, you drive from Dades Valley to Ouarzazate, and then from Ouarzazate to Taroudant. Therefore, you have more time to visit local nomads, experience more the local culture…etc. In 14 days, you can’t do all this. 

Therefore, if you have less time, 14 days could be an alternative.

12 Days tour from Casablanca

15 days tour includes all the best destinations in Morocco, however, 12 days includes the attractions according to the their popularity. Therefore, within the 12 days tour, you don’t miss the major attractions but you can’t see all of them.

The attractions excluded from this tour include Taroudant and Agadir. In addition, you spend less time in many locations like in Chefchaouen and the desert. 

10 Days tour from Casablanca

10 days tour from Casablanca is one of our popular tours. Usually, people get 10 days vacation and they book this tour. However, it is not like 15 days. The tour doesn’t include Essaouira, Agadir, Taroudant, and you also spend less time in the Desert. In 10 days tour, you spend only 2 days in the desert; however, in 15 days, you spend 4 days. 

If you can’t afford 15 days or you don’t have enough time, 10 days remains also a good tour and includes the most popular attractions like Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Fes…etc.

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  • Experience a night the heart of the Desert
  • Trek camels and visit the nomad families
  • Take pictures with the Barbary monkeys in Azrou
  • Visit the Hassan 2 Mosque in Casablanca
  • Visit the historical sites in Rabat
  • Discover the blue city of Chefchaouen
  • Guided visit of the Roman ruins in Volubilis
  • Guided visit of Meknes, Fes, & Marrakech.
  • Watch Sunset over the sand dunes
  • Hearty dinner and party around the campfire (Berber Drums)
  • Visit one of the popular cinema studios in the world
  • Visit the UNESCO world heritage sites
  • Visit Essaouira, Taroudant, & Agadir


Day 1 : arriving to Casablanca

Day 1 : arriving to Casablanca

The first day of this 15 days tour from Casablanca will be customized according to your time of arrival. If you arrived early,  we will organize a short tour to see Casablanca. You will visit the Hassan II Mosque, the biggest Mosque in Africa.

It will be a good opportunity for you to see the skillful work of Moroccan artisans that reveals the richness and beauty of their handicrafts. The Mosque was built between 1987-1993 and all Moroccans participated to gather funds to build it. Currently, it is one of the only mosques where non-muslims are allowed to enter.

Day 2: a tour from Casablanca to Chefchaouen

Day 2: a tour from Casablanca to Chefchaouen

On the second day of this 15 days tour, you will visit one of the imperial cities of Morocco, Rabat. you will visit Hassan Tower with its uncompleted minaret, the magnificent Kasbah of Oudayas,  the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, and the Hassan 2 as well as the Chellah Necropolis.

After lunch, you will drive north to Chefchaouen. You will cross many breathtaking landscapes before you reach the foothills of the Rif Mountains.  Once you get there, you will see a magestic gate of a wide set valley full of blue buildings, you will recognize Chefchaouen.

You will be welcomed in a traditional riad with Andalusian style at the heart of the medina. It will be a good opportunity for you so that you can discover it on your feet without using the car. 

Day 3: Chefchaouen Guided tour

Day 3: Chefchaouen Guided tour

After your delicious breakfast at the terrace of your Riad, you can now enjoy the wonders of this city. You will meet your guide and you discover the city on your feet. 

You will start your tour by visiting the casbah that has been built by king Moulay Ismail in the early 18th century. It is a nice place to see and you will be amazed by the beautiful views of the gardens that surround the Kasbah. Next, you check the ethnographic museum which comprises antique weapons, musical instruments, and photographs of the old town.

Later, you can visit the popular square of Plaza Uta el-Hammam where you can drink mint tea. This square is lined with cafes and restaurants, all serving similar fare. The place is peacefully located in the heart of the medina so that you can go relax and watch people go by. 

Day 4: a trip from Chefchaouen to Fez

Day 4: a trip from Chefchaouen to  Fez

Your 15 days tour from Casablanca will continue to the cities of Meknes and Fez.  Today, you will visit one of the most preserved ancient sites in Morocco, Volubilis.

Volubilis once served as the capital of the kingdom of Mauretania, and later as one of the southernmost thriving cities of the Roman Empire. When you visit it, you will see the real imprint of its glorified past.  

Next, you head over to see another historical monument called the granary of Sahrij Swani, built in the 17th century by Sultan Moulay Ismael and was used to store provisions for the army.

After that, you drive to visit Moulay Ismail Mausoleum and the royal palace. You will stroll over the alleys of the old medina discovering the large gate of Bab Mansour, which was built in 1732, passing the square of Saht Lhdim (a smaller version of Jemaa el-Fnaa square).

After a rich journey, you will meet your driver and drive towards Fez where you will spend your night.

Day 5: Fes guided visit

Day 5: Fes guided visit

After having your breakfast, you will meet our local guide and you start your visit by the Royal palace gate. The guide will tell you about the palace and how it was built. Then you go to see Bab Boujloud, a big old gate that protects the old medina once a time.

There you get a panoramic sight of the neighborhood's famous landmark: the minaret of the Medersa Bou Inania, which sits just after the Bab Boujloud gate. Within its walls, the rambling streets spiral out into two distinctly different districts divided by a meandering river.

After that, you continue deep in the heart of the medina until you reach Al Quaraouiyine University. Built in 859 AD by Fatima al-Fihri, this university is believed to be the oldest university in the world. Amazingly, it still receives students until today.

Unfortunately, you cannot go inside because it is not allowed for non-muslims but you can visit its library and get a glimpse of the impressive, handmade tilework dating back to the 9th century.

As you stroll around the sneaky streets of the medina, you will fall in love with its colorful high walls and its traditional shops scattered along the way. 

Later, you will visit the tanneries which are the most iconic place in Fez. You will be surprised to see how artisans are still operate using the same medieval technics to prepare the leather. It's strange, yet it gives you a glimpse of some places in Morocco that stepped back in time.

You end your journey in your Riad to prepare for the next adventure.

Day 6: a tour from Fez to the Desert

Day 6: a tour from Fez to the Desert

On the 6th day of your 15 days tour from Casablanca, you will visit the Sahara Desert. In fact, it will be the top of these 15 days since you will experience another part of Morocco, the land of camels, nomads, and traditional life.

After breakfast in fes, you take the road of the middle atlas mountains to the desert. Your first stop will be in Ifran, a small cold city nicknamed ” Switzerland of Morocco ” due to its similarity to a Swiss alpine resort. In addition, this city is among the cleanest cities in the world and people there don't throw even cigarettes on the ground.

You take some pictures and you continue to Azrou. You stop in its largest cedar forest to see and take pictures with the barbary monkeys. 

After lunch in Midelt, you cross the line to a different part of Morocco. You cross Talghomt seeing beautiful sights and landscapes before you reach Ziz valley where you will stop to see a thrilling panoramic view of oases filled with high palm trees. It is a different scene from what you have seen before in this 15 days tour. Within around one hour, you will reach the desert where you will find your camels waiting for you.

Next, you ride your camels to the heart of the desert. On the road, you will see one of the amazing sunsets in the world. After one hour, you will be in the heart of the desert and you will be welcomed by mint tea. You spend your night in a lux camp where nomads organize shows of dancing and singing; so you can participate too.

Day 7: Tour of The Dunes & visiting Nomad Families

Day 7: Tour of The Dunes & visiting Nomad Families

On this day, you will wake up early to see the sun rising in the desert. It's a beautiful sight that you don't wanna miss. You will be astonished by seeing how the color of the dunes changes as the sun rises over the horizon.

After that, you will have your breakfast in the camp and you trek camels again back to your hotel in Merzouga. You meet your driver and you will visit the lake of Merzouga (Dayet Sriji) which contains some of the exotic birds. Next, you drive deep in the heart of the desert to enjoy the magical view of the dunes.

Later, you will drive to Khamlia, a small village known as the ‘Village of the Blacks’ to discover the life of nomads to discover their lifestyle.  The population of this village is composed of 334 inhabitants and they are a mixture of Berber and Gnawa. Gnawa people came from Sub-Saharan Africa and were brought to Morocco during the slavering era. They are warm, generous, and friendly.

Music is sacred In their traditions and has an important value. you will spend with them sometimes and drink a cup of tea while listening to their music.  

Next, you head over to the place where Rally Paris Dakar is used to race. then you get to Mifis mines which were exploited by France during colonialism. You may choose to eat a traditional Tagine for launch before you continue your tour to the different oases and places in the Desert.

Overnight at your hotel in Merzouga. 

Day 8: Merzouga to Dades Valley

Day 8: Merzouga to Dades Valley

Today you leave Merzouga towards Dades Valley via Rissani. If your tour collides with the day markets, which take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, you will seize the opportunity to discover the local market. Next, you head over to Erfoud which is a fossil town. Here, you will see stalls selling crystals and precious stones as well as fossils. The workshop using Marmar is open to visitors and contains a lot of rare products that you may like.

You continue your 15 days itinerary to Dades valley crossing different Berber villages along the way. You cross Millab, Tinjdad , and Toroug before you reach Todra valley.

Todra valley is a green valley surrounded by clay villages and mountains. Driving south, you arrive at Todgha Gorges which consists of a series of limestone spectacular river canyons. You will stop there for a while to see the place and to take pictures. 

Next, you drive to Dades Valley after having lunch. you will see a fascinating rock formation known as ”monkies fingers.” You will see also a lot of beautiful mud kasbahs. Overnight at your hotel overlooking the valley.

Day 9:  Dades Gorges to Rose Valley, and Ouarzazate

Day 9:  Dades Gorges to Rose Valley, and Ouarzazate

Your 15 days tour from Casablanca continue today to Ouarzazaye. You start your trip through the twisty roads of Dades gorges and its impressive rock formation before you arrive to Boutghrar. Boutghrar is a special place where nature and colors reunite and you will stop there to see its majestic locations.

Next, you visit nomads who are still live in caves. You will drink a cup of tea with them before you head over Kalaat M'Gouna, a traditional place where locals pick over 400 tons of rose petals that are processed into rosewater, cremes, and perfumes in local cooperatives. If you travel in May, you can witness a local festival there.

You stop at Kalaat M'Gouna and you will have lunch before you continue your trip. You cross the valley Skoura which contains more than 700,000 date palms that stand out as an important enclave of greenery with kasbahs scattered throughout the oasis and its surroundings.

Later, you arrive to the 17th century Kasbah of Amridil. You stop for a visit and then you drive through the oases of Skoura. By the evening, you will have reached Ouarzazate.

Day 10: Ouarzazate, Kasbah Ait Benhaddou, & Taroudant

Day 10: Ouarzazate, Kasbah Ait Benhaddou, & Taroudant

Today, you will visit the well known Atlas Studio which has been used by many Hollywood producers. In fact, what has given international imprint to the desert is this studio and the Kasbah of Autbenhaddou. The studio has facilitated the job for producers to create epic and historical movies as it is located just near the desert and the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. Both locations offered all what needed to film well known movies like the Mummy, Tomb riders, Cleopatra, Game of Thrones...etc.

Next, you will drive for almost 40 minutes to reach Ait Benhaddou. Maybe scenes of deja vu will happen today as you may have seen the place is some movies that you have watched. You discover the casbah and drink a cup of tea with the natives there. 

After visiting the Kasbah, you continue your journey through the spectacular landscapes of the Atlas mountains. You will see a lot of Berber villagesuntil you reach Taznakht where you will stop for lunch.

Later, you drive to Taroudant. You will discover it yourself and see how this small city is charming. Overnight at you hotel preparing for another exciting journey.

Day 11: Taroudant,  Agadir, & Essaouira

Day 11: Taroudant,  Agadir, & Essaouira

After breakfast in your Riad, you will leave Taroudant to Essaouira via Agadir. Agadir is modern city that has been destroyed and then rebuilt following an earthquake in 1960. What caracterizes this city is it beautiful beaches and lux hotel resorts.

You will have a shirt visit with your driver before you leave it to Essaouira. After lunach, you continue your trip via the coast road seeing many beautiful sights. The region of Agadir is popular for argan plants and you will stop to see one of the amazing shows where you can see herds of goats climbing the trees looking for argan nuts and leaves.

By the end of the day, you will have reached Essaouira. You will admire this city and its unique charm. Overnight at your hotel in the heart of the city.

Day 12 : Essaouira guided visit

Day 12 : Essaouira guided visit

Today, with the Morocco Travel guide, you will discover the richness of the city. You will start the tour by visiting the coastal ramparts; beautiful and imposing pieces of history which provide the city a majestic charm. These Ramparts are not only rich in history, with cannons still intact, but they also convey the best location for seaside sights.

After the ramparts, you wil stroll around the narrow alleys of the old medina, a- UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will witness the craftmanship of the Moroccan artisans and the Beautiful arts and crafts carved objects along the streets. 

You will have lunch near the seaside and you will enjoy a freshly fish cooked in the Moroccan way. Essaouira has a different style, maybe different from all what you have seen before. As it wasoccupied by Romans, Phoenicians, and Portuguese, there is a big influence noticed in its architecture. though it is a small town, it has a big history.

Each year organizes an international festival that celebrate ” Gnaoua music. ” Many musicians from different part of the world gather there to perform. The festival takes place in the second week of June.

In the afternoon, you will enjoy a free time to do what you like. You can stroll around the main square or go drink a cup of tea somewhere.

Overnight at your traditional riad.

Day 13: Essaouira excursion to Marrakesh

Day 13: Essaouira excursion to Marrakesh

It another day of your 15 days tour in Morocco. Today you will visit Marrakech and you start your journey after breakfast. On your way, you will visit women’s Cooperatives of Argan oil where they can show you how they produce it and talk to you about its benefits.  

You will have several stops before you reach Marrakech where you will have lunch. Then, it your free time to discover Marrakech and hang out in its streets. You may like to have a traditional hammam to relax and have a massage. 

At night, you can go see Jammaa El Fna where a lot of artists, snake charmers, comedians meet to perform. You can even have your dinner there since there are a lote of open air restaurant that sell traditional food. 

Day 14: Marrakech guided tour

Day 14: Marrakech guided tour

Today, you will visit the city with a private guide.  You start by visiting the Koutoubia minaret and then you go to the Majorelle Garden. Next, you head over the Saadian Tombs that manifest the landmark of the Saadian dynasty and Bahia Palace with its beautiful eastern Architecture that goes back to 1866.

You will enjoy your lunch in a local restaurant before you stroll in the alleys of the medina and you will emmerse yourself in the local culture. Marrakech is a very beautiful city and its inhabitants try to keep its essence intact. You can witness this in many aspects  like the smell of fresh mint, the tastiest spices, and the hustle and bustle of its impressive traditional souk. Marrakech city is unique, and it is not by chance that it becomes one of the most visited cities in the world.

With you guide, you will visit all the landmark of Marrakech. You will go Jamma El Fna, which is located in the heart of Marrakech. A place of magic and exotic culture, All the alleyways of the Medina lead to the this famous square. It is always very occupied and sometimes overwhelming to those who visit it for the first time. The square has recently been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

By the end of the day, you will have been discovered the whole Marrakech.

Day 15: end of 15 days tour from Casablanca

Day 15: end of 15 days tour from Casablanca

Here your 15 days tour from Casablanca comes to the end. By this time you will have seen a lot of place, met a many people, enjoyed several experiences, and most importantly, learnt many things about Morocco. What makes private tours special is that everything customized for you. Plus, your driver has more flexibilty to shift from the touristy areas and take you to places other tourist can't reach. However, every beautiful experience has an end.

Today, your driver will take you to the airport to fly home. After checking, it is time for faraway with the hope that you left Morocco with a lot of stories to tell.


  • Pick-up & drop off at/from your airport/accommodation
  • Comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus vehicle
  • Private English speaking driver and guides
  • Fuel, parking, & all car's related fees
  • Camel Trekking (Camel per person)
  • Hotels and accommodations
  • Luxury camp in the desert
  • Breakfasts and 4 dinners in the desert
  • Flight tickets & visa
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver (optional)
  • Anything not stated in included part

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15 days

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Best Morocco travel and Tours

Deborah & Jon Determan


Absolutely Wonderful 15 Days in Morocco!! Thank you Ali and Mimoun :-)

We cannot say enough good things about Morocco Travel. It is truly a full service travel company. This trip truly is one of the best values we’ve come across in our extensive travels (over 70+ countries). My husband and I had never traveled to Morocco before and we found Ali (our wonderful driver) and Mimoun (who worked our itinerary details) to be absolutely wonderful. Together they were professional, personable, and made our trip truly enjoyable. The 15 day Casablanca tour was an exceptional introduction to Morocco itself, its people, and the Moroccan way of life. I usually plan our trips, but it was nice to have everything taken care of and not a detail was missed…and we saw much more due to their knowledge of the country than we could ever have seen if we planned this trip on our own. They used a luxury vehicle that was super comfortable, and the accommodations were beautiful authentic riads that added to our experience. We wanted the ability to have some time to explore on our own and Mimoun was very professional in adjusting the itinerary to meet our requests. My husband is also very tall (~1.9 meters) and has allergies and Mimoun did a marvelous job of finding accommodations that had beds large enough for him and hypoallergenic rooms. As we drove around the country with Ali, we got to know each other as he explained about the countryside we were seeing and the villages and cities we passed through. We had plenty of time in all of the cities where we stopped and were able to enjoy them and their unique natures. It was great to become good friends with Ali and by the end of our trip we were sorry to see it end. We left not saying goodbye, but rather till we meet again.
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Best Morocco travel and Tours

Linda Fischer


Best 15 days trip ever ! Excellent tour company

I have just finished my wonderful holiday in Morocco and was thrilled I used Morocco Travel. I traveled with my husband all over the world and we used different companies like in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia... and Morocco Travel is by far the best company we have ever traveled with. The team is very awesome, kind, and generous. This tour has changed our view of Morocco and its people. There is much to say, but I will keep it short!  We found Morocco Travel on Google but we were skeptical in the beginning to book with any Moroccan travel agency. We don't know much about the country and we read a lot about it; though we found it interesting, some travelers said that there are many issues like street harassment, scam, the companies you travel with push you to buy things...etc. However, we found 15 days tour from Casablanca interesting and we decided to contact the company and see what will happen. Since our first contact, we were thrilled by an exceptional customer service and a warm, welcoming spirit. We exchanged a lot of emails with Mimoun and you can feel from his answers that he is very polite, honest, and passionate about what he does. I can say that from the first few emails, we felt that this is the right company we are looking for.  I had many concerns about Covid, safety, and security in Morocco. Mimoun always replies with long explanatory emails that enjoyed to read. I think by the time we actually were able to travel, we had exchanged several emails! But this was just the preview of what is going to happen. When we arrived in Morocco, we found Yassine at the airport waiting for us. We started the tour from Casablanca and visited Rabat, Chefchaoeun, Meknes, Fes, the Desert, and other destinations before ending in Marrakech. From beginning to end it was excellent, safe, and smooth.  We cannot express how satisfied and happy we are that we went ahead and traveled with Morocco Travel.  Yassine, our driver, is very pleasant to travel with and we enjoyed his company tremendously! We met a lot of locals with him and we made several short side trips to see some exotic places. He has a very cute sense of humor that we had a great time teasing with. I guess we started with a driver and finished with a friend. The Riads are up to our expectations and well-chosen. Everything is well organized and for sure, I will recommend Morocco Travel to my friend, family and anyone asked me about Morocco. Thank you guys for your hospitality, kindness, and the love you share with your travelers! 
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