Ouarzazate, Hollywood of Morocco. Want to discover Ouarzazate? There are a thousand ways to do it. Hollywood of Morocco or Holly-Ouarzazate is a caramel-colored oasis enhanced by the cloudless sky of the North African sky with its countless adobe kasbahs, arid mountains and plains, verdant valleys and oases, palm groves and Villages of red earth […]

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Marrakech Top Morocco’s Destination Want to discover Marrakech city ? There are a thousand ways to do it. Whichever way you choose to live in Marrakech, you will certainly take a bit of Marrakech in you, it is a place full of surprises! With its innumerable markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, you will have the [...]
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Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco Casablanca is today the economic capital of Morocco and its largest city. Located on the Atlantic coast about 80 km south of Rabat, Casablanca is bordered by magnificent beaches which makes it a beach destination, with a population of 3 359,818 inhabitants in 2014 makes it the most populous [...]
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Fez, the oldest surviving city in the world Want to discover Fes? There are a thousand ways to do it. This imperial city is the cultural capital of Morocco. Cradles of knowledge, its superb Medersas are the flamboyant symbol. This fortified city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will take you back to the Middle Ages. [...]
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The blue city, Chefchaouen Chefchaouen is all blue. In every direction, there’s just more blue. Dark blue, light blue. Vibrant blue, dull blue. Blue, blue, blue, blue. It’s what draws visitors here to Chefchaouen in the first place. And once here, it draws you in further, until you feel like you’re in a magical frozen […]

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Merzouga, the golden sands Merzouga is a small village in southeastern Morocco, about 35 kilometres southeast of Rissani, about 55 kilometers from Erfoud, and about 50 kilometers from the Algerian border. The village is known for its proximity to Erg Chebbi, an erg and it is for this reason a part of the itineraries of […]

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Essaouira, the city of multiculturalism Want to discover Essaouira? There are a thousand ways to do it. The city of Essaouira has a strong tourist potential, thanks, in particular, to its natural, historical and cultural assets, thus becoming a great tourist destination. Its Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island of Mogador, its port, […]

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Meknes, the Roman city Want to discover Meknes? There are a thousand ways to do it. Despite being a quiet and modern city, Meknés was one of the most powerful cities of the kingdom and its walls tell the most fascinating stories of Morocco. Meknés was an impressive city of Hispano-Moorish style surrounded by high […]

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Want to discover Agadir? There are a thousand ways to do it. Agadir’s beauty comes mainly from the magical light of the ocean, bordered by immense beaches of about 10 km. Here, the softness is that of the fine sand, the caress of the sun, a livable paradise all year round. Agadir is a small […]

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Tangier, the white city of Morocco Tangier has been the crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Europe for hundreds of years. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, it has welcomed many travelers from all walks of life who have left some of their cultures there. A cosmopolitan and dynamic city, it is the essential [...]
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