Put yourself in the following situation: You are in Casablanca, a gleamingly white city by the coast. After a full day of sightseeing, you’re seeking for a way to continue learning about this intriguing country. How do you behave?

Fortunately, we already know the answer. From Casablanca to Marrakech, we’re conducting an 11-day journey, and it would be our pleasure to have you along. You’ll get the chance to experience everything that Morocco has to offer throughout this journey. There is something for everyone, from quaint towns and breathtaking mountains to bustling marketplaces and historic sites.

If you intend to spend time in this African country and want to take advantage of everything it has to offer, read on. So don’t wait to book this incredible 11 days tour from Casablanca. It features stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, Berber Villages, the Sahara Desert, and the coastline in addition to the historical cities of Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech.

This time in the country’s schedule will enable you to take a camel ride over the best dune field in the Moroccan Sahara Desert, Erg Chebbi, and spend the night in a Berber tent. Take in views of the beautiful canyons, valleys, historic Kasbahs, and therefore the countryside. You may learn a lot more about Moroccan history and Berber culture.

Please note that your needs, interests, and budget will be taken into consideration as we customize your 11 days tour from Casablanca.

  • Adventures in the Sahara Desert like camping and riding camels
  • Visiting all the Game of Thrones locations in Morocco.
  • Guided Visits of Fez, Marrakech, and Chefchaouen.
  • Visiting the Roman Empire ruins at Volubilis
  • Seeing wild monkeys in the cedar forest of Azrou
  • Visit of imperial cities of Morocco

Day 1 :Welcome to Casablanca

You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your hotel by the driver. It’s time to unwind after a protracted flight.

 You’ll start this journey by exploring the historical background of the biggest city in this country. After you have settled into your accommodations, head to Hassan II Mosque, the biggest mosque in this amazing country and the third-largest mosque in the world that is open to non-Muslims. 

This masterpiece of contemporary Moroccan architecture, which can hold up to 105,000 people in prayer, was created by hundreds of skilled artisans from all around the nation, many of whom donated their labor.

Day 2 :Casablanca, Rabat and Chefchaouen

You will leave for Rabat, the country’s capital and seventh-largest city, after eating breakfast. This city has a number of big colleges and museums.

 You will go to the old Medina, which is constantly bustling with activity, and the Museum of Moroccan Arts, which houses a collection of traditional Moroccan art. You will then move in the direction of Mohammed V’s Mausoleum. 

You will depart for Chefchaouen after lunch. The 4-hour drive takes place through some of this land’s most breathtaking scenery. When you arrive there in the evening, you’ll check into your hotel. Spend the night at the hotel.

Day 3 :Exploring the Blue City Chefchaouen

This tiny city is a visual joy in blue; walls, doors, windows, stairways, alleyways, and archways are all painted in a mixture of sky-blue pastels and more intense tones. A popular destination for tourists seeking a taste of traditional culture is Chefchaouen, which is situated in the Rif Mountains.

 You are free to explore the town at your own speed or just unwind after checking in at your riad, a traditional Moroccan home. The main square, Site Outa el Hammam, is a great place to people-watch. You may explore the town’s normal life by ascending the narrow, winding alleys away from the touristy sections. 

You may discover handcrafted wool clothing, woven blankets, cedarwood furniture, and other artisanal work here, making it a perfect place for budget-conscious shoppers to shop. Make sure to place an order for a Maqlouba (upside-down) coffee and sip it while observing the neighborhood women fetch water and wash their clothes in the nearby spring.

Day 4 :Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes and Fes

You resume your 11-day journey to Fes after breakfast. You will make a stop in Volubilis along the way, a destroyed Berber and Roman city that is home to one of the world’s biggest collections of Roman mosaics. These mosaics, which portray scenes from Greek and Roman mythology, were created between the second and fourth century AD.

 You will find its triumphal arch, basilica, temple, and mosaic floors there. The next stop is Meknes, where there are many sights to view, including Lahdim square, a scaled-down version of the well-known Jamma El Fna square. 

You will also view Moulay Ismail’s Mausoleum and the magnificent Bab al-Mansour gate. Later, you can take a stroll through the old Meknes Medina’s traditional market or unwind in its spacious square. At night, you travel to Fes, where your quest will come to a conclusion.

Day 5 :Exploring Fes

On the 5th day of this 11 days tour from Casablanca, you will explore Fes city with a local guide after breakfast. The four Imperial cities of this country are Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, and Fes. The city has a lengthy and illustrious past that dates back to the ninth century when it served as the seat of the Idrisid Kingdom. 

The University of al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest university in this country, as well as a number of other important mosques, madrasas, and palaces, will be visited by you. One of the best-preserved cities in the Islamic world is the city’s ancient Medina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

You may meander through its maze-like streets, discover its many historical sites, and browse the thronging souks for authentic Moroccan items. The Nejjarine Fountain, a stunning 13th-century fountain located in the center of the Medina, the Medersa Bou Inania, a 14th-century Islamic school, and the Dar el Makhzen, the former imperial palace of the Moroccan sultans, are some of the most well-known tourist sites that you will visit with a local guide. 

Additionally, you’ll go to the leather tanneries. The leather tanneries of Fes, which have been in operation for generations, are particularly well-known. Tanneries continue to play a significant role in the city’s economy today and employ numerous locals. Upon finishing your city tour, you’ll return to your accommodation. Stay the night in this city and have dinner.

Day 6 :Fes, Ifrane, Azrou, Merzouga

Camel caravan in the desert on a sand dune at sunset. Arid landscape of the Sahara desert

After breakfast, you’ll travel across the central Atlas Mountains. You’ll stop in Ifrane along the route; it’s a tiny, charming, and well-kept town that’s sometimes called the “Switzerland of Morocco” because of how much it resembles a ski resort in Switzerland. 

As you move farther south, you come to the largest cedar forest in North Africa, which is also the habitat of the barbary monkey. Here, you’ll get a chance to feed the monkeys and take some lovely pictures. You will eat lunch in Midelt and then travel south through Talghomt pass while admiring the magnificent views that nature has to offer. 

When you get to Ziz Valley, you’ll stop for an amazing panoramic view of this hidden sanctuary encircled by palm trees. In approximately an hour, you will reach the Sahara desert, where your camels are awaiting you.

 After a break, you will journey with a guide across the tall dunes of the Erg Chebbi desert, take in a breathtaking sunset from atop a high dune, and eventually reach your tent for the night. After dinner, you can listen to nomads playing Berber music beside a fire and under a starry sky.

Day 7 :Exploring the dunes, nomad families, and the treasures of the desert

Getting up early in the morning will allow you to experience the most breathtaking sunrise of your life. After breakfast, you will begin your experience in the Sahara desert, visiting several different parts of the desert. 

Before heading to the Sahara Desert, where nomads continue to live a nomadic lifestyle with their animals, you will first stop at the Merzouga Lake, a sanctuary for rare species. In this exciting 11 days tour from Casablanca, you will have tea with nomads there and learn about their way of life. 

It’s time to explore the Mifis mines, which France once used for mining. The Rally Paris-Dakar route is then followed after that. As you continue your tour, you make a direct stop at the Mali province of Niger’s black Berber community of Khamlia. You will be able to listen to their music and dance to it. After seeing a gorgeous oasis on the edge of sand dunes, you continue your day at your riad.

Day 8 :Merzouga, Todra Gorges, and Dades Valley

The settlement of Rissani, which was once among the earliest locations where gold and slaves were traded, will be your first stop today as you travel from the desert to Dades. Due to its bustling souks and local marketplaces, the city is also a notable commercial hub. 

You’ll meander around the Souks and experience this small city’s genuine way of life. Then you proceed in the direction of Tinghir, which used to be a caravan trading hub many centuries ago.

 A few kilometers outside of the city is where you will arrive at the Todhga Gorges. A 300-meter-long, naturally occurring, canyon-filled rocky formation constructed of rocks that receive its water from the Anti-Atlas mountains. Then, a route lined with tens of thousands of Kasbahs leads you to the land of figs, Dades. 

The Dades Valley has lovely views combined with a number of spectacular sceneries. The area around the Dade Mountains is where you’ll spend the night. In this surrounding area, you’ll have a special view of the verdant fields dotted with fig and walnut trees.

Day 9 :Dades Valley, Ouarzazate and Marrakech

Following breakfast at the hotel, you will journey through the Dades Valley. To get rosewater and a range of other locally made cosmetics, you’ll stop in Kalaa-Mgouna, also referred to as “the Rose City.” The main attractions of Skoura and the Bird’s Valley are the mud-brick Kasbahs.

 In this area, the Kasbah Ameridil is one of the best maintained. The trip goes on to Ouarzazate, a city dubbed the “Hollywood of Africa” for its breathtaking natural surroundings and strategic location. 

You can decide to go to the adjacent studios, which may feature goods from movies you’ve already seen. You’ll dive at Ait Ben Haddou, one of the most beautiful Kasbahs in this area. It is under UNESCO’s protection. The Tizin’tichka pass, which separates Marrakech from the Kasbah, provides breathtaking views of the palm palms in the area. 

Before continuing your investigation of the Tizin’tichka route, especially its lovely Berber village setting, you’ll stop for a brief moment in Telouet to explore its historic Kasbah from the 17th century. Upon reaching Marrakech, you will spend some free time in this city to stroll through Djemâa El-Fna, take in its beauty, and enjoy your beverage while taking in the view from rooftop restaurants. Sleep at a neighboring riad for the night.

Day 10 :Exploring Marrakech

If you visit this city, you’ll become hypnotized. It is referred to as the “Red City” because of its 1000-year-old red sandstone city walls and structures. This city is still a very popular tourist destination in this country, despite once being a major trading center for tribes from the Atlas Mountains. 

You will be accompanied on your tour of this vibrant city by our professional guide. Your journey starts off at Jemaa el-Fna Square. Your travel guide will discuss the layout of the square and the cultural influences on the city. 

The Majorelle Gardens and Koutoubia Mosque are your next stops. Moving on, you’ll visit the Saadian Tombs, Bahia Palace, and El Badi Palace. You’ll enjoy lunch at any local restaurant. Moreover, in the old neighborhood, you may find classic souks and shops.

 If you’re seeking for antiques, Souk el Attarin, Souk Chouari, and Souk Smata will be quite useful. Marrakech is fantastic, and visiting this magical city when traveling across Morocco is a must. There are numerous landmarks, various monuments, and magnificent places. All of these things set this red city apart.

Day 11:Home Sweet Home

The tour eventually comes to an end today. After breakfast, our driver will take you to the Marrakech airport or any other destination you specify. From here, our 11 days tour from Casablanca came to a finish here. 

We also provide premium and ordinary services, such as staying in pricey and normal hotels, in order to tailor the cost to your tastes and financial constraints. 

Have any inquiries? Please email us as soon as you can. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you in creating an exceptional trip.

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus
  • Fuel, parking, and all car’s related fees
  • Personal driver
  • Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
  • Personal local guides
  • Lux camp in the desert
  • Camel trekking
  • Breakfasts
  • 2 dinners: in the desert and Dades Valley
  • Flight tickets & visa
  • Entrance tickets to
  • monuments and museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver

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