If you plan to spend time in Morocco and want to take advantage of everything it has to offer, read on. So don’t wait to book this incredible package that includes a 12-day tour from Casablanca. It includes a trip to Chefchaouen as well as stops at Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech, all of which are historic cities, as well as beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains, Berber Villages, the Sahara Desert, and the coastline.

The journey gives you an in-depth look at Morocco because you will explore the country’s interior at a depth that a regular traveler cannot. It will give you a chance to experience Morocco as it truly is and visit some of the country’s top attractions.

This 12-day tour from Casablanca will enable you to hike along vanished caravan routes, ride camels over enormous sand dunes in Erg Chebbi, camp in the Desert of Merzouga, and cool off in an oasis at the base of a George, in addition to cultural stops in historic cities, desert exploration, medieval medinas, lively souks, ancient ruins, and old kasbahs.

Moreover, your journey is not linear but has several cultural stops. For instance, if you are traveling from Fez to the desert, you will pass through Azrou’s cedar forest, where you can encounter wild monkeys. You’ll also pause in Ifrane so you may snap pictures with the lion statue.

If you want to spend enough time in Morocco and learn about its culture, 12 days is the ideal amount of time. This tour is crucial since it ensures that you visit Morocco at a leisurely pace. While not rushing, you allow sufficient time for each location.

The 12-day journey is significant since it includes Essaouira, which the bulk of travel companies overlook. We chose this city for two reasons: first, it has a vibrant spiritual music scene, and second, Game of Thrones used it as a background. Many tourists who watched the program were incredibly eager to get there. As a result, the city is deserving of its position among Morocco’s best tourist destinations.

Finally, the tour visits all of Morocco’s Game of Thrones locations. The Cinema Studio, the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou (Yunkai), which was named the second-best Game of Thrones Instagram destination, and Essaouira were among the places we listed (Astrapor).

Don’t forget to pack your camera.

  • Adventures in the Sahara
  • Desert like camping and riding camels
  • Visiting all the Game of Thrones locations in Morocco.
  • Guided Visits of Fez, Marrakech, Chefchaouen, and Essaouira
  • Visiting the Roman Empire ruins at Volubilis
    Seeing wild monkeys in the cedar forest of Azrou
  • Visit of all imperial cities of Morocco
    Strolling in exotic markets

Day 1 :Casablanca city tour.

When you arrive at Casablanca’s airport, we’ll meet you there and take you into the city. The financial capital of the Moroccan kingdom is the latter, which is also the largest city in the country. 

While touring the central market, the Habous District, and the Royal palace, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the charming fusion of modern and traditional influences that create the city. 

Hassan II Mosque is the sole attraction open to non-Muslims among the few sites it has to offer. It is one of the few mosques in Morocco that allows foreigners to enter, and it is situated on the city of Casablanca’s waterfront. 

You will have some free time in the afternoon. It is a famous landmark that symbolizes Morocco’s contemporary face in terms of architecture. The Atlantic Ocean breeze can also be felt by taking a lovely stroll along the beach. 

In Casablanca, spend the night taking a lovely stroll along the beach and check into the hotel later.

Day 2 :Casablanca – Rabat – the blue city Chefchaouen

After having breakfast in your hotel, we will travel to Rabat, which is Morocco’s administrative capital. This city was established in the 12th century as a fortress. In the 17th century, it served as a sanctuary for Barbary pirates. 

Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States as a sovereign nation because of these pirates and the issues they caused. In this Atlantic port town, you may visit historical landmarks dating back to the Romans. 

The souks in this area are of the highest caliber and offer some of the best-handcrafted goods in Morocco. You will see Rabat’s majestic Kasbah of Oudayas, the Hassan Tower and its partially built tower, the mausoleums of Mohammed V and Hassan 2 (the current king’s father), as well as the Chellah Necropolis. 

We will pass through Ouazzan on the way to Chefchaouen after lunch. Prior to reaching Chefchaouen, Ouazzan is no doubt a stunning place in Morocco. Then we’ll move on. Chefchaouen, sometimes called the Blue Pearl of Morocco, is a photographer’s paradise. 

The city has a long history of serving as a haven for refugees, from Jewish refugees coming here in the 1930s to exiled Moors from Spain due to its location in the Rif Mountains. Overnight stays in your Riad.

Day 3 :Chefchaouen Sightseeing

We’ll start exploring Chefchaouen after breakfast (known as the blue city). It is a quaint, tidy, and pleasant little town. The Plaza Uta Hammam, the town’s central square, is a great location to unwind after a tour around the historic Medina. 

The 18th-century Kasbah, a carefully rebuilt walled castle with a magnificent garden on Chefchaouen, can be found in the plaza. Chefchaouen is a fantastic location for captivating photos with its steep, narrow cobblestone alleyways, whitewashed houses, blue doors, windows, and mountains as a backdrop. 

You will witness Ras Elma’s natural spring water after lunch. This town, in contrast to other areas of Morocco, was under Spanish control. Consequently, the cultures of Spain and Morocco have a significant effect. You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 4 :Chefchaouen – Volubilis – Meknes – Fes

Now we will enjoy the 4th day of this 12-day tour from Casablanca. After breakfast, we will leave Chefchaouen and cross the Rif Mountains to the old Roman town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once there, we will explore its mosaic floors, basilica, temple, and triumphal arch. 

Next, we’ll travel to Moulay Driss, a holy town (pilgrimage for Moroccans). We’ll proceed to Meknes after lunch in the town, where you may visit the enormous Mansour gate, the Granary, the Swani basin, the old Medina with its souks, and Lahdim Square, where you can unwind in one of its cafes. 

After a hectic day, we’ll leave for Fes in the late afternoon. You will spend the night in a classic Riad in Medina.

Day 5 :Fes – Exploring Fez

You will have the opportunity to explore Fez, Morocco’s spiritual capital, today. The famous royal palace gates, which are renowned for their intricate modern craftsmanship, will be our first stop. 

Then, we’ll take a tour of El Mellah, the intriguing Old Medina, which was Morocco’s first established Jewish neighborhood during the 16th century. You may find the most important historical sites, including the Chouara leather tanneries and the oldest university in the world, Al Quaraouine University, while strolling through the old Medina’s streets and alleyways. 

The morning will come to a close with a trip to the Attarine Museum and the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss. We’ll pay a visit to one of the neighborhood cooperatives that specializes in old-style tiles after lunch. 

Finally, before we walk back to our Riad, you will get the chance to take in the entire city from a breathtaking vantage point.

Day 6 :Fes, Ifrane, Ziz valley and Merzouga Desert

We’ll journey via the central Atlas Mountains after breakfast. We will stop in Ifrane along the way, a small, quaint, and well-kept town that is sometimes referred to as the “Switzerland of Morocco” due to its resemblance to a Swiss ski resort. 

The largest cedar forest in north Africa, which is also home to barbary monkeys, is where we travel further south. Here, we will have the opportunity to feed the monkeys and snap some beautiful photos. 

Following lunch in Midelt, we go south across Talghomt pass while taking in nature’s breathtaking scenery. We reach Ziz Valley, where we will pause for an incredible panoramic view of this hidden sanctuary surrounded by palm groves. 

We will arrive in the Sahara desert, where your camels are waiting for you, in about an hour. Following a break, you will travel with a guide across the Erg Chebbi desert’s high dunes, witness a stunning sunset atop a tall dune, and finally arrive at your camp for the night. 

After dinner, you’ll hear Berber music played by nomads around a fire and beneath a starry sky.

Day 7 :Exploring Merzouga

A sunrise that can be the most beautiful of your life can be seen by getting up early in the morning. We will start our Sahara desert adventure after breakfast to visit the many areas of the desert. 

We will first visit the Merzouga Lake, which is a haven for unique birds, before traveling directly to the Sahara Desert, where nomads still lead a traditional lifestyle with their animals. 

There, we will have tea with them and learn about their way of life in this thrilling 12-day tour from Casablanca. When we reach the Mifis mines, which France once exploited, it is time to visit them. After that, we follow the route utilized for the Rally Paris-Dakar. 

We continue on our tour by going straight to the black Berber community of Khamlia, which is located in Niger’s Mali province. 

We will have the chance to dance and enjoy their music. We continue our day in your Riad after visiting a magnificent oasis on the edge of sand dunes.

Day 8 :Merzouga, Rissani, Todra Georges, Boumaln Dades

On day 8th of this 12-day tour from Casablanca, we‘ll have our breakfast in the hotel. Then we’ll leave the vast desert and make our way to the city of Rissani, which used to be a significant stopping point for Saharan caravans. 

If our trip coincides with the day markets that are held on Thursdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, we’ll have the chance to visit the souk, which is the biggest in the area. 

We will next travel to the fossil town of Erfoud. You can find stalls selling fossils, precious stones, and crystals here. Visitors are welcome to attend the Marmar-based session. 

In order to get to Todra valley, which is a green valley surrounded by mud villages and mountains, we first travel to Dades valley, passing through towns like Millab, Tinjdad, and Ait Isa. 

After about 30 minutes of driving, we arrive at the Todra Gorges, which is a well-known climbing location. They are tiny vertical canyons with 300-meter-high sheer cliffs rising dramatically on either side. 

After lunch in the town, travel to Dades Valley to witness the interesting rock formation known as “monkies fingers” and the lovely mud kasbahs there; you will spend the night in a motel with a valley view.

Day 9 :Dades Valley, Ait Ben Haddou, and Marrakesh

The 12-day tour from Casablanca includes further wonderful locations. On day nine, you’ll travel to Ait Ben Haddou, one of Morocco’s most popular tourist attractions. You begin your journey by driving through the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs after breakfast. You pause in Kela’a M’gouna to take in the landscape’s manicured rose bushes. 

You will see some rose farms there to get a sense of how rose petals are transformed into rose water and oil. Then you take a journey to Ouarzazate, North Africa’s film epicenter. You learn about Morocco’s other side there and witness the breathtaking locations used for Hollywood productions. Films like Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Black Hawk Down, etc., were all produced in Ouarzazate. 

After that, you’ll go on a guided tour of a movie studio where you’ll go to the “Musée du Cinema” to discover more about the history and method of creating movies in the region. 

Later, you will travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou to explore it. Many of the ancient Ksours in the Kasbah date back to the eleventh century. You’ll be impressed by the kasbah and will adore Ait Ben Haddou’s distinctive architecture. 

In the late afternoon, when the day’s crowds have dispersed, you meander through the alleys and tunnels. You can also ascend to the old Granary, which offers a great vantage point from which to observe the kasbah and its surroundings. Fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones might want to make the journey down to the river to see the gates. 

Finally, you approach Marrakech, one of Morocco’s magnificent cities. To get to Marrakech in the evening, you have to pass the cunning Tizi N’tichka roads. Before the magic begins, you can unwind in your Riad. A hub of entertainment at night, Jemaa el-Fna Square comes alive with musicians, performers, snake charmers, games, and food vendors. 

Choose one of the many cafés surrounding the area and take in a meal and a cup of mint tea if you wish to observe the show from a distance.

Day 10 :Marrakech: Exploring the Red City

Marrakech in Morocco will hypnotize you if you go there. Due to its 1000-year-old red sandstone city walls and structures, it is known as the “Red City.” Indeed, Marrakech remains a popular tourist destination despite having historically served as a major commerce hub for tribes from the Atlas Mountains. Our knowledgeable guide will accompany you on your tour of this city. Starting at Jemaa el-Fna Square, your tour begins. 

Your Morocco travel guide will go over the square’s layout and the city’s cultural influences. You next proceed to Majorelle Gardens and Koutoubia Mosque. The Saadian Tombs, Bahia Palace, and El Badi Palace will be your next stops. 

Lunch will be served to you at a nearby eatery. A visit to Marrakech will educate you a lot about Moroccan culture. Each year, millions of people visit Marrakech, one of Morocco’s best cities. Marrakech is known for its diverse cultural population. The south is an embodiment of European culture, whereas the north is traditional and keeps the marks of the past. Luxurious restaurants akin to those in Paris can be found in the city’s modern section. 

However, you can discover traditional souks and stores in the traditional area. Souk el Attarin, Souk Chouari, and Souk Smata will be quite helpful if you’re looking for traditional things. Marrakech is wonderful, and a trip to Morocco would be incomplete without a stop in this enchanted city. Numerous landmarks, different monuments, and magical locations. All of this sets Marrakech apart from the rest.

Day 11 :Essaouira excursion

After breakfast in Marrakech, we will go to Essaouira, a Moroccan coastal city that served as the inspiration for Astrapor in the Game of Thrones. Numerous goats may be seen on the road climbing trees in search of argan nuts. Given that the region is well-known for its argan oil, you should take the chance to visit some Women’s Cooperative of Argan. 

Women will tell you about the uses and advantages of the oil, which range from cosmetics and cooking to medical. Essaouira, a modest white town on the Atlantic coast, will be reached after a number of stops along the road. 

You will stroll through the Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover its “Skalla fortress”-named ramparts. Lunch at a traditional restaurant with a fresh fish order. Because of its reputation as the “City of the Wind,” Essaouira draws surfers from all over the world. 

Since it was inhabited by these civilizations, Roman, Phoenician, and Portuguese influences can be seen in its architecture. It is a small town with a rich history, in fact. 

We will go return to Marrakesh by road in the late afternoon. You can once more enjoy Jamaa El Fna while staying the night in your Riad

Day 12 :End of 12 days tour from Casablanca

This is where your 12-day tour from Casablanca ends. Even while it makes us glad when the tour goes according to plan, it is one of the times in this job that we detest the most. 

After twelve days of journeying together, we form bonds, divulge secrets, and share our lives. It’s true that saying by has never been simple. 

Your flight information is used to plan the last day. After checking in, the driver drives you to the airport, where you depart from Morocco with a wealth of stories to share. PS: If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. 

We will be pleased to assist. You can send us a message by clicking “Book” or “Inquiry”. And we will be sure to provide you a thorough response. “This tour is only a sample and we can customize it according to your needs”


  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus
  • vehicle
  • Multilingual driver
  • English/Spanish/Italian/French
  • Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
  • Local guides
  • Fuel & parking
  • 3 dinners in the desert
  • Breakfasts
  • Flight tickets & visa
  • Entrance tickets to
  • monuments and museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver

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