Just 3 hours driving from the city of Fez, you will discover one of the most beautiful cities lost in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. The city and its surrounding tribes are inhabited by Amazigh people (natives of North Africa before the invasion of Arabs).

The city is named after the large Berber tribe of Marmouchas. The weather is cold during the winter and moderates during the summer since the city is located at 1,713 meters above sea level.

Marmoucha and its regions are rich in terms of Artisanat and unique products. Also, its surrounding landscapes make it as one of the most beautiful places to see in Morocco.

Immouzzer Marmoucha is not famous and all travel agencies don’t include its in their packages. However, we intend in the future to set the ground and include it among our best destinations.

The region is perfect for hikers since it is home for immense forests of oaks, cedars, and other endemic trees, sublimate beauty of Mount Bou Iblane, second highest peak in the Middle Atlas, where snow stays forever.


What to see in Immouzzer Marmoucha?

There are plenty of places to see in Imouzzer Marmoucha. The surrounding areas are all green and captivating during the 3 seasons; autumn, spring, and summer. However, it is not advised to travel during the winter; the region is extremely cold like the Alpes mountains.

The geographic terrain of Imouzzer Marmoucha is rich and diverse, filled with lush green forests, majestic mountain peaks, mosaics of grasslands, and vast stretches of wilderness. From east to west, north to south, this isolated village of Morocco packs an assortment of treasures for nature lovers.

Dinosaurs in EL Mers Regions


El Merz Valley where Dinosaurs fossils are scattered


El Mers is a region located near the fortified village of Serghina. It is an isolated place the travel takes up to 40 minutes from Boulemane city.

This region is known for its archaeological sites. Indeed, it is known by the existence of traces of the prestigious dinosaur Iguanodon which are spread over a distance of 3 Hectares of clear steps.

In the valley of “dinosaurs,” a magical valley which holds a unique rarity that reveals the history 150 million years ago. Dinosaurs lived in this part of the world and their traces are clear and carved in stones.


El Merz Valley where Dinosaurs fossils are scattered


This place was discovered by a local man who found the Dinosaur fossils in the region. Later, it becomes the subject of study by an archeologist, Termier, who published his work in 1936.

Termier was the first to examine the fossil bones of El Mers, and he was the one who specified that the red series that possess dinosaurs and crocodiles fossils are of Bathonian age. Between 1940 and 1941, another archeologist called Lapparent dedicated his research to these remains, which he later published in 1942 and 1945.

The site is beautiful and can be visited from Fez.

The Beautiful Tribe Of Ait Oullagh


This small village is heaven on earth. The small village is composed of a set of houses scattered around a vast and wide place. Surrounded by mountains for the fourth sides, Ait Oullagh isolates you from the world of the modern age.

No cars, no modern architecture, only humble houses and vast fields of apple trees. You can get lost in the fields and enjoy the pure beauty of nature.

Dangerous, yet Beautiful Roads


As they say, the world’s most dangerous roads are often carved into the sides of mountains at high altitudes. This applies to the road of “Akchour” which links Immouzzer Marmoucha and Ait Youb.

In winter, this road gets closed by snow. No one can cross it since it is slippery.

This road was constructed during the colonial era. The French, who colonized Morocco between 1912 and 1956, launched a colonial road system in order to link all major towns and cities. Under these regulations, France could transfer weapons and natural resources to and from Morocco.

This road is beautiful for those who are looking for adventure. Driving is not that easy but it’s safe. It witnessed only 4 accidents in the last decade.

Old fortified villages


When you travel to Imouzzer Marmoucha, you will cross endless forest landscapes, sneaky roads, and high mountains. If it’s your first time, you will get the sense as if you are climbing up to the sky.

After 1-hour drive from Boulemane city, you get to “Egherm Amkran,” a small village in the district of Ait Bazza. This fortified village is a small version of the big Ait Ben Haddou. The village is deserted and is now inhabited by ghost.

The village is one of the best attractions in the region.

Finally, if you push further, six kilometers towards Missour, you will come across the site of Mesklate – Aït Bazza which is full of bones of several varieties of dinosaurs discovered over several kilometers and overlooking the village. The sites are accessible, but it is recommended to contact the local site manager before setting off to explore this extraordinary sanctuary!

Currently, Morocco Travel doesn’t offer packages to Imouzzer Marmoucha. However, if there is someone willing to discover the region, we may arrange 2 days trip. The visit will be authentic and we will contact locals for help.