Imouzzer Marmoucha, a Forgotten city in the Middle Atlas Mountains

Just 3 hours driving from the city of Fez, you will discover one of the most beautiful cities lost in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. The city and its surrounding tribes are inhabited by Amazigh people (natives of North Africa before the invasion of Arabs). The city is named after the large Berber tribe [...]
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What Currency is Used in Morocco ?

What Currency is Used in Morocco? The official monetary unit of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (DH). The abbreviation is MAD (Moroccan dirham) or DH. Tickets: you will find tickets from 20-50-100-200 DH Coins: The coins in circulation are 0.50-1-2-5 and 10 DH and 1-5-10-20 cents. If you plan to travel to Morocco, it is [...]
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what to see in morocco in 5 days?

Wondering what to see in Morocco in 5 days? The fact is that there are a lot of things to see. Morocco is a wonderful country with countless tourist attractions. In addition, the country is divided into two main parts, the north and the south. All of them are beautiful and present a memorable experience. [...]
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What to do in Morocco for a Week?

Wondering what to do in Morocco for a week? The fact is that there are a lot of things. Morocco is home to several intriguing ancient places and the host of a wide variety of landscapes, including majestic mountain ranges, torrential desert sands, and long coastlines. Morocco is a big country and getting from point [...]
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What to See in Morocco in 10 Days?

Wondering what to see in morocco in 10 days? let us assure you! We will present the best attractions of Morocco. Though it is just 10 miles far from Europe, Morocco gives tourists a unique experience. It offers life in an ancient Berber and Arab way. In Morocco you will stop and admire where you […]

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How much money to spend for a week in Morocco?

How much money to spend for a week in Morocco? This question was the main concern for many travelers who want to make their plans to travel to Morocco. Travelling to Morocco would be a bless to enjoy; the country has some of best and exotic scenery, the food is certainly the most pleasurable and [...]
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What is the Best currency to Take to Morocco?

If you are planning your next trip to Morocco, you are most certainly ask this question: What is the Best currency to Take to Morocco? For sure after a quick search, you will realize that the Moroccan currency is Dirham. Usually acronymed using the term MAD (but there’s nothing mad about it!). Using MAD remains [...]
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Clothes Shopping in Marrakech

Clothes shopping in Marrakech is one of the best things to do when you visit Marrakech. Indeed, the city is one of the best shopping destinations worldwide. It is the home of modern and traditional clothes ware. The city has a wide range of must-see stores that’ll feed your appetite for discovery. And if you’d [...]
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Traditional Moroccan Souks

Traditional Moroccan Souks Traditional souks are part and parcel of Moroccan culture. In fact, they offer a wonderful experience for visitors. The have charm and they are exotic in the eyes of people with different cultures. Why Traditional Souks? Moroccan have kept the essence of these traditional souks alive for centuries and currently they constitute […]

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Sahara desert camping in Morocco

No one can visit Morocco without spending a night in Merzouga camp. A travel to Morocco involves two of the most demanding activities : a camel trek and and a luxury tents. Riding off in to the dunes as the sun sets, spending the night under the stars of African sky, drumming around the fire following […]

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