Traditional Moroccan Souks

Traditional souks are part and parcel of Moroccan culture. In fact, they offer a wonderful experience for visitors. The have charm and they are exotic in the eyes of people with different cultures.

Why Traditional Souks?

Moroccan have kept the essence of these traditional souks alive for centuries and currently they constitute the source of living for thousands of Moroccans. These traditional souks offer a completely new experience. They contain exclusive stores which sell gold, textiles, spices, perfumes, herbs, and other local traditional products. 

The charm of Traditional Souks

The mixture of Amazigh, Arabic, and juish cultures gives to traditional Moroccan souk a unique charm that you won’t experience in any other country. However, what characterizes the Moroccan traditional souks is that they are clean. The locals try to keep them clean to make tourists at easy and also to give a beautiful sight to the city.

In addition, you will find merchants who speak a wide range of languages, surprisingly exotic ones too. Seeing traditional souks is a must for both tourists and locals. No one resists the captivation and the amazing experience of these markets.

Although there many thriving cities around these traditional markets, The mixture of modernity and traditionalism gives the souks a magical touch. For example in Marrakech you will find Jammaa El Fnaa and only one mile away from a totally new modern life in GUILLIZ.

similarly, in Fez, you see a traditional life dated back to the old centuries and nearby you will find luxury hotels and expensive restaurants. This mixture makes Morocco an interesting tourist site.

The best traditional souks are located in almost all cities in Morocco; however, the big ones are in Fez and Marrakech. These souks are visited with our guides who show you everything you need to see and explain about the history and traditional culture that characterize the are. In addition, they give you an idea about the merchants and the traditional handcraft made by merchants.