What Currency is Used in Morocco? The official monetary unit of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (DH). The abbreviation is MAD (Moroccan dirham) or DH.

  • Tickets: you will find tickets from 20-50-100-200 DH
  • Coins: The coins in circulation are 0.50-1-2-5 and 10 DH and 1-5-10-20 cents.

If you plan to travel to Morocco, it is better to take your precautions. Though you can pay using your credit card, Morocco is a cash country par excellence. In this article, we discuss what currencies are accepted in Morocco, currency restrictions, and buying guides using Moroccan currency.

what is the best currency to take to morocco?

Without a dought, using the Moroccan Dirham remains the best currency to use in Morocco, it is essential for your every day strives and adventures. In simple words, using the Moroccan Dirhams will make your travel easier in Morocco. You can read about the pros and cons of using the Moroccan Dirham here.

Can you use Euros or USD in Morocco? - Payment Methods

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Credit cards and traveler’s checks denominated in euros are widely accepted throughout the country. The exchange rate applied corresponds to that of the moment. The maximum commission depends on each issuing institution, it is generally 1%.

Withdrawing money by credit card is easy in all Moroccan cities. In addition, Morocco doesn’t impose any restrictions upon importing foreign currencies. However, they prohibit the export and import of the Moroccan currency.

It should be noted that the Moroccan dirhams are not convertible outside Morocco. In general, banks open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

During Ramadan, banking establishments only open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Converting USD and Euro to Moroccan Currency (MAD)

  • 1 USD= 9,45 MAD
  • 1 EUR= 10,67 MAD
  • 1 GBP= 12,20 MAD

We extracted these change rates from google at the time of writing this article. The can give you the proximate value of how much a Moroccan Dirham worths. However, they aren’t definite and the value keeps changing. You should then check regularly.

Where to change your Currency in Morocco?

  • In major cities, you can find exchange offices everywhere, whether or not attached to a bank. You can also change in Banks but their hours are more limited. They work only from 9 to 3:30 as discussed before.Each organization can apply its own rate. However, it varies little from one office to another. In addition, no commission.In short, it is easy to change in Morocco, and the operation is more advantageous than paying by card, which always involves fees. Generally, avoid changing at the airport, the rate there is often much expensive than in cities. Change the minimum, just take enough to join the city center.Note that banknotes must be in good condition for exchange, not torn, otherwise they will be refused. Check them well at the counter one by one when you take them.

Moroccan Currency Restrictions

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    • Currency Import regulations:

    You can import as much as you want of the Moroccan currency. However, if the amount exceeds 100,000 MAD, it must be declared on arrival.

    • Currency Export regulations:

    Unused MAD may be re-exchanged into foreign currency up to a maximum of:

    – 50% of the total amount exchanged on arrival if stay in Morocco has been longer than 48 hours;

    – 100% of the total amount exchanged on arrival if stay in Morocco has been less than 48 hours.

    Foreign currencies: amounts exceeding the equivalent of MAD 100,000.

    – up to the amount declared on arrival.