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You have a travel blog, you provide awesome content? Don’t think twice, JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Morocco Travel’s affiliate program offers the best opportunity for bloggers and social media marketers to make money. We pay what we think to be the best commission in the market; $100, yes $100 for each booking order. Our prices are very competitive and our conversion rates are high, which means you are likely to earn some very serious money.

What you benefit?

  • Earn high commission from every booking
  • Unlimited income
  • 30 days cookies
  • Earn from repeat sales
  • Work with a trustworthy company
  • Marketing help and support
  • Serious Discount if you travel to Morocco (based on eligibility)

What we benefit?

  • We increase our sals
  • We build a reputation with both our affiliates and our customers
  • We increase our popularity
  • We diversify our advertising styles
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