morocco camel trekking is not a mere activity invented to entertain tourists, but it is a culture routed in heart of Amazigh civilization and tribal men who inhabited the Moroccan desert. Bedouin ride the camel to move from one place to an other and this culture transformed from one generation to an other.

If you are lucky to have a Morocco desert tour for sure you will experience the beauty of Merzouga desert in time-honored fashion on a camel trek at sunset, or at sunrise. The Journey will take you back in time to ancient civilizations that have been portrayed through series and movies like aladdin and arabian night.

In addition, spending a night in a merzouga desert camp using candles and traditional fire for light will make your experinence in this travel lasts forever.

morocco camel trekking involves a magic and a mystic advanture in the endless and infinite space of Moroccan desert where all civilizations and are left behind. there is nothing around and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel touching the magic soft sand.

If any visitor really wants to lose himself and get away from it all, there is no more extreme way to do so than to set off across the great Sahara Desert on the back of a camel.

Camel trekking may not be the most comfortable way of travelling for some people, but it is for sure a ‘must’ for every tourist who want to try the mode of transport of the Berber nomads.

There are many places to ride a camel in Morocco, in Merzouga, Zagoura, and Marrakech ; however, you can’t ride a camel and hanging out in the city of Marrakech. Merzouga and Zagoura reamins then the best places for morocco camel trekking.