Travelers and tourists who visit Morocco sometimes have concerns about the country’s alcohol policy. Many people are curious about the local views and rituals surrounding alcohol in this predominantly Muslim country. Morocco is generally very liberal in terms of alcohol usage, despite its conservative background. The ins and outs of drinking alcohol in Morocco are detailed below.

Is it really true? Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?


It’s crucial to remember that alcohol is freely accessible in Morocco and may be bought in a variety of forms, including beer, wine, and spirits. You may find a variety of pubs and nightclubs serving alcohol in major cities like Marrakech and Casablanca, and you can buy it at neighborhood shops and supermarkets in smaller towns and villages.

Although it is freely accessible, alcohol is nevertheless subject to high taxes and is frequently more expensive than in other nations. This makes drinking less prevalent in Morocco than it is in other tourist destinations, along with the conservative attitudes of many inhabitants. However, there are no prohibitions on alcohol consumption for visitors and travelers, and it is totally permissible to have a drink in the majority of bars and nightclubs. So, if you really ask “can you drink alcohol in Morocco?”, then the answer is yes.

Can you drink alcohol in public places in Morocco?

However, it should be noted that drinking in public places is generally discouraged in Morocco. Parks, beaches, and other public gathering places fall under this category. Therefore, it is advisable to consume alcohol in your hotel room’s privacy or at establishments with a license.

It’s crucial to keep in mind and respect Moroccan society’s conservatism when it comes to local customs and attitudes toward alcohol. Even while drinking alcohol is usually acceptable, there are some social groups where it is rather frowned upon. Because of this, it is advised to avoid drinking in public or among others who might find it objectionable. So, the answer to your original question is “Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?” then, our answer is Yes but the answer to your question “Can you drink alcohol in public places in Morocco? then, our answer is No.

Quality of alcohol in Morocco


There are a variety of domestic and foreign brands of alcohol accessible in Morocco, all of which are of high quality. It is crucial to remember that the quality can differ significantly depending on where you buy it and the brand in question. In general, sticking with well-known brands and avoiding buying alcohol from street vendors are advised.

There are numerous local wineries producing high-quality wines in Morocco, which has a developing wine sector. These are available in various taverns and eateries, as well as neighborhood shops and supermarkets. There are also other international wines available, albeit they are typically more expensive.

The country’s warm heat and high altitude make it vital to recognize that alcohol might have a big impact on Morocco. As a result, it’s crucial to drink sensibly and refrain from overindulging.

Laws and rules governing alcohol usage in Morocco

The specific laws and rules governing alcohol usage in Morocco should be taken into account in addition to the overall attitudes about alcohol. For instance, it is prohibited to sell or offer alcohol to anybody under the age of 18 in Morocco.

It’s also crucial to be aware of the harsh regulations that apply to driving while intoxicated. Morocco has a substantially lower blood alcohol level than many other nations, and even a small amount of alcohol can result in a fine or jail sentence. Therefore, if you want to drink, it is always advisable to utilize a designated driver or take a cab.

It’s also important to note that there are various cultural considerations to make when drinking alcohol in Morocco. For instance, a lot of Moroccans prefer to have their coffee or tea either before or after eating. When unfamiliar with the custom of pairing alcoholic beverages with meals, travelers may occasionally find this to be confusing.

It’s crucial to respect regional traditions and customs when it comes to manners. For instance, it is preferable to drink from a glass or cup in public rather than a bottle because doing so is considered impolite. Furthermore, it’s crucial to observe local dress regulations and refrain from wearing revealing apparel in bars and nightclubs.

Alcohol drinking in Morocco and Ramadan

The connection between alcohol and Ramadan is another feature of Moroccan alcohol intake. Muslims keep a daily fast from sunrise to sunset during this holy month, going without food and drink. Even if alcohol is included, it is important to note that Ramadan’s prohibitions on drinking alcohol are more social than legal. Ramadan is a season when many Moroccan pubs and clubs are open, yet it is traditionally frowned upon to consume alcohol in public.

End of discussion “ Can you drink alcohol in Morocco?”

Morocco is typically a safe destination for travelers, and incidents of crime or violence involving alcohol are uncommon. But you should always be cautious and aware of your surroundings, especially while drinking in places you don’t know well.

In conclusion, alcohol consumption is widespread in Morocco but is also constrained by specific cultural and social standards. Tourists and travelers can have a drink and respect local culture and customs by being aware of these rules and drinking responsibly. Alcohol is freely available in Morocco and maybe a wonderful complement to your travels in this intriguing nation, whether you’re looking to have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer with friends. Whether you favor beer, wine, or spirits, Morocco offers a vast selection, and you can indulge in a drink in a courteous and secure manner.