Trips to Morocco from USA

There are many types of trips to Morocco from USA. These trips depend on the time of travel and the needs of each traveler to Morocco. Currently, there isn't any travel agency that offers trips to Morocco from USA.  However, many travel operators, like Morocco Travel, offers trips only in Morocco. That is to say, [...]
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Direct Flights to morocco from USA

When you look in google for "Direct Flights to Morocco from USA," You won't find many results. The reason behind this is that several Airlines don't offer direct flights to Morocco from USA.  Currently, the only airline offering direct flights is Royal Air Maroc. However, you can find other alternatives with one stop or two. [...]
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Best Way to Fly to Morocco from USA

Many people fly from USA to Morocco directly. However, this option doesn't suit all kind of travelers. Some prefer to visit Europe before heading to Morocco. Others find it hard to get to John F. Kennedy AirPort in New York since the direct fly to Morocco starts in New York. In this article, we help [...]
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Top 4 places to visit in Morocco: imperial cities of morocco

There are a lot of places to visit in Morocco. However, many tourists prefer to visit Imperial cities of Morocco. In fact, these imperial cities constitute a wonderful destination for millions of visitors every year. In the list bellow, we presented each city and its main places to visit. Marrakech Generally, Marrakech is considered to […]

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Traditional Moroccan Souks

Traditional Moroccan Souks Traditional souks are part and parcel of Moroccan culture. In fact, they offer a wonderful experience for visitors. The have charm and they are exotic in the eyes of people with different cultures. Why Traditional Souks? Moroccan have kept the essence of these traditional souks alive for centuries and currently they constitute […]

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Sahara desert camping in Morocco

No one can visit Morocco without spending a night in Merzouga camp. A travel to Morocco involves two of the most demanding activities : a camel trek and and a luxury tents. Riding off in to the dunes as the sun sets, spending the night under the stars of African sky, drumming around the fire following […]

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Morocco Camel Trekking (desert tours in Morocco)

morocco camel trekking is not a mere activity invented to entertain tourists, but it is a culture routed in heart of Amazigh civilization and tribal men who inhabited the Moroccan desert. Bedouin ride the camel to move from one place to an other and this culture transformed from one generation to an other. If you […]

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Best Sites to See in Marrakech

Marrakech is considered to be as one of the best tourist destination in the world. Celebrities around the world like to visit it and spend some times in this nice city. Marrakech is full of historical site, it is a place where the past and the future meet. It has some beautiful mosques, palaces and […]

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