Wondering what to see in morocco in 10 days? let us assure you! We will present the best attractions of Morocco.

Though it is just 10 miles far from Europe, Morocco gives tourists a unique experience. It offers life in an ancient Berber and Arab way.

In Morocco you will stop and admire where you are, you may get lost in the local life of Marrakesh medina, or rock the kasbahs and follow in the footsteps of ancient traders in Fez.

Ways to leave cities behind are plenty, as the beautiful Saharan desert enthralls visitors, the Atlantic beach destinations constitute the perfect location for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Whether sampling cuisine at a local traditional market or relaxing in the sun at a white-washed seaside town, the past is always present in this colorful land. Here’s a look at the best places to see in Morocco in 10 days.

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Marrakech is a unique city steeped in history and culture, wonderful and thrilling, a blend of old and new with the charm of an exotic city. In the beginning, everything may seem messy and mysterious with snake charmers, exotic music, occupied bazaars and vendors all over the place, but don’t be afraid, Marrakech has its own personality with a unparalleled culture that represents the various faces of the city’s character. The city has been recently placed as the 10 best place to see in the world by Skyscanner.

Marrakech provides a sense of adventure and an extravagant atmosphere that seduce visitors. The visitors are always glamored by its lively environment, beautiful souvenirs, historic attractions, and friendly Moroccans.

The best places to see in Marrakesh include Jamaa El Fna, traditional souks and markets, Museums, traditional Hammams, Saadian Tombs, Menara Gardens and the Pavillion, and the Majorelle Gardens.

Indeed, Marrakesh is a place where magnificence shines the soul, where culture hits your persona and where you come with naught and go with inconceivable and incredible things.


Who has never dreamed of sleeping in the Sahara comfortably nestled between sand dunes while looking at the stars? The desert has always inspired many people. You may have imagined yourself riding camels in some far away country, or would have imagined nights spent under the stars in the desert while drinking tea next to a campfire. If you are this kind of people, then you must visit Merzouga.

Merzouga is one of the must places to see in Morocco in 10 Days. It is the paradigm of exoticism and irregular. Merzouga imbodies all what is strange and unfamiliar and traveling to it will make you see the other dimensions of life. You will stop and admire where you are, as if you travel back in time. No cars, no mobiles, no wifi, you have left 21th century. You will spend magical days in Merzouga.

activities in Merzouga include riding camels, camping, music and dancing, visiting Berber families.

If you wonder about what to See in Morocco in 10 Days? Fez must be in your list. Fez doesn’t only comprise the biggest old city in Morocco, but also the oldest surviving city in the world. The city represents an important heritage of Morocco. Unlike the old city of Marrakesh, the old city of Fez is very complex and you will probably get lost without a local guide.

Fez is a city that lost in time, it stepped back and watched the world change. Wondering around will take you to the Idrisid rule during the 8th-9th centuries C.E. You will see high walls, narrow street, dark exit, Alladin shops… evrything is Fez is magical.

The main places to see in fez: Chouara Tannery,Seffarine Square, Al-Attarine Madrasa, The Royal Palace, Bab Bou Jeloud, Jnan sbil…


In the “Game of Thrones,” Yunkai might be just a fictional city ruled by an oligarchy of slave merchants. However, the scenes had to be filmed in the real world.

The creator of Game of Thrones has chosen Ksar Ait Benhaddou as the perfect location for the scene. Ironically, the Ksar wasn’t only a mere location of an oligarchy of slave merchants in the movie, but also has a long history with real slavery.

Ait Ben Haddou is used to be a camel-stop for caravans that bring slaves and spices from the sub-Sahara. The place was rich at a certain time in history and was a thriving location for real oligarchy merchants. It seems that both the architecture of the place and its history that first inspired the creator to write his beautiful story.

From a fan perspective, this makes seeing Ait Ben Haddou very enchanting, as even a glance at the fortified village will take you to Essos. Furthermore, wandering through the ancient streets, you start to feel like Daenerys… Or, at the very least, one of her followers.


Another place to see in Morocco in 10 Days is Chefchaouen.

Artistically perched beneath the peaks of the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is one of the prettiest towns in the world. An arty, blue-washed hamble village that senses like its possess the world. While tourism has absolutely taken edge, the equation between leisure and originality is just right.

The old medina is a delight of Moroccan and Andalusian influence with red-tiled roofs, bright-blue buildings and narrow lanes converging on busy Plaza Uta El Hammam and its restored kasbah. Long known to visitors for the easy availability of cannabis, the town has rapidly gentrified and offers a range of quality accommodation, good food, lots to do and no hassles to speak of, making it a strong alternative to a hectic multicity tour. This is a great place to relax, explore and take day trips to the cool green hills.

Wondering about What to See in Morocco in 10 Days? here are other interesting locations: Meknes and Volubilis. In addition to the locations stated before, Meknes and Volubilis constitute one of the important places to see in Morocco in 10 days.

Meknes is remarkable for its imperial past, with remnants including Bab Mansour, an enormous gate with arches and mosaic flooring. The gate leads into the former imperial city. The Mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Ismail, who made the city his capital in the 17th century, has courtyards and fountains. Indeed, there are plenty of things to see in Meknes

In addition to Meknes, Volubilis also is a remarkable icon that should be seen in Morocco. A thriving city of the Roman empire, a breathtaking scenery through its grandeur and well-preserved ruins, Volubilis stands as a proof for the greatest of  Berber’ s history and legacy.

Once known as Mogador during the Portuguese establishment in the 15th century. Essaouira is currently a UNESCO World Heritage fortified seaport.

The city has recently became famous worldwide for being the modern-day location of Astapor in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Essaouira provides beautiful and lively streets filled with local vendors of argan oil, woodwork crafts, and delicious street food. This is a place you come to unwind, stroll along sand coloured ramparts and chill on a terrasse enjoying a hot mint tea while watching life go by.

Essaouira is without a doubt an adventurer dream location with amazing kitesurfing spots, art galleries and the rise of trendy cafes around town. And while tourists will for sure fall for its medieval and exotic feel, you’ll be sucked into Essaouira’s laid-back and artistic atmosphere, even if only visiting for a couple of days.

Casablanca is another city to visit in Morocco. Though it doesn’t attract many tourists for it’s a modern city, but The Hassan II Mosque is the most world visited mosques in the world. Therefore, many tourists prefer to see this amazing city.


Rabat is the enchanting and welcoming capital city of Morocco, with a long and rich history. There are plenty of places to see in rabat like Chellah, Hassan Tower And Tomb, Kasbah des Oudaias, Andalusian Gardens …

Indeed, if you want to visit all the places stated above, we’va created two tours that include all the above attractions. One Tour started in Marrakesh, the other started in Casablanca. You book a flight to the desired destination, then START THE TOUR!